Thursday, January 17, 2013

01-17-13: U.S. Court Rules in Favor of the Taliban (Plus: Senator to begin Legislation to ‘Nullify’ Ex. Orders on Guns)

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·  O'Reilly: The culture war goes worldwide: Example - while the Pope was conducting public prayer, protestors stripped off their clothes and tried to shout the Pope down.

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·  Sen. Rand Paul Will Introduce Legislation to ‘Nullify' Obama's Executive Orders on Guns

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·  Obama, kids as political props


·  Jimmy Kimmel Segment Featuring Los Angeles News Stations Freaking Out Over ‘Freezing Cold' 50-Degree Weather

gore_al 08

·  Media coverage of the Al Gore-Al Jazeera story - The National Media is Corrupt!

obama laugh

·  Mark Levin: Obama's Executive Orders aimed at curbing gun violence ‘Un-American,' ‘Fascistic'


·  Allen West : Former congressman sounds off on credit downgrade fears for the US, former Secretary of State Colin Powell's comments on GOP.

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·  TX State Rep. Who Vowed to Fight Obama's Gun Control Measures Has Fiery Clash With CNN Host

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·  BREAKING: 23 EXECUTIVE "ACTIONS" Obama pressures Congress to act swiftly on gun control



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·  Rand Paul on Gun Control Executive Order: Obama is Not 'King'


·  Former U.S. Attorney General Edwin Meese Calls for Impeachment if Executive Orders Issued on Gun Control

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·  MEDIA WATCH: Can NY paper, The Journal News, be legally forced to remove gun map?

se cupp

·  MEDIA WATCH: S.E. Cupp Battles Martin Bashir Over Guns in Unscripted Exchange

hurricane-sandy _ LARGE

·  Attempt to protect TAXPAYERS: House defeats amendment to offset spending in Sandy bill


·  James O'Keefe goofs on gun-grabbers


·  NY State Senator: We haven't saved any lives tonight except the political life of a Governor who wants to be president of the USA


·  Colbert Mocks Shapiro; Hands CNN's Piers Morgan Three Constitutions In Comedy Interview

obama laugh

·  How far can Obama invoke executive action on gun control?

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Teaching Our Children to Kill

An important new and powerful piece of evidence linking teen violence and media imagery of violence has come to the fore, what Grossman et al. call the "Final Nail in Hollywood's Coffin."

The Wages of Unemployment

Labor-force participation has declined since 2000, and among the reasons are soaring government benefits.

Court Rules in Favor of the Taliban

That would mean that KSM, the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks on the U.S., would be able to meet with his fellow terrorists outside his cell five times a day to "pray."

Egypt's Sinister Proposal: A Call for Jews to Return

As a top advisor to Mr. Morsi, Dr. Al Eryian called for "Arab Jews" to vacate the state of Israel and "return to their home countries, particularly those states undergoing a transformation to democracy."

Obama Now King of the Gun Grabbers

The man who is suspected of okaying the smuggling of guns into the hands of the Mexican drug cartels -- known as Fast and Furious -- has 'outed' himself as the king of the gun grabbers.

Obamacare is All About Death and Taxes

Officially called the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Obamacare will surely migrate into a bureaucratic death sentence for an American healthcare system once deemed the best in the world.

Why the Innovation Premium Is Diminishing

The acceleration of competition as high-tech tools and skills have dispersed throughout the global economy is an under-appreciated trend.

European Parliament Helps Muslim Brotherhood Establish New Interfaith Group

A new European interfaith organization has been created that includes the European Muslim Brotherhood as its Islamic component.

Panetta Vows ‘All Necessary Steps' for U.S. Hostages

Panetta confirmed that Americans are among those taken hostage in southern Algeria today when terrorists attacked and occupied a natural gas plant.


When I Was A Kid: Reflections Of A 50-Year-Old American

The United States of America was the greatest nation in the history of the world, bar none, and just about every American school kid knew why.

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