Wednesday, February 27, 2013

02-27-13: Muslim Brotherhood Islamists Surround Christian Church to Stop Construction (Plus: Hannity v Ellison)

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·  MUST WATCH: Rep. Keith Ellison explodes at Hannity calling him "the worst excuse for a journalist" then accuses Sean of practicing "yellow journalism" and being a "shill for the Republican Party."



·  Gov. Chris Christie Caves on Obamacare, Accepts Medicaid Funding, adding another 300,000 beneficiaries to the rolls

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·  GAO: ObamaCare may end up adding $6.2 trillion to long-term deficit.. Report reveals the dramatic falsehoods that were used to push the bill to passage

·  Sen Ron Johnson: If Boehner 'Caves' On Sequester, He Will Lose Speakership

·  How can U.S. combat homegrown terror?


·  Obama vs Obama: the video that make you wonder if Obama is telling the truth about the sequester


·  Former Obama campaign team selling access to president?

·  U.S. Army Soldier Surprises Daughter in Classroom, Tears Ensue

·  Terry Jeffrey discusses the sequester and possible 2016 presidential candidates on MSNBC


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·  Louis Farrakhan endorses Chuck Hagel for Secretary of Defense.

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·  Hannity Clashes with Liberal Congressman During Touchy Sequestration Debate: ‘You Got to Grow Up'

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·  Obama Press Sec. Tries To Explain Why Group Is Auctioning Access to Obama for $500,000


·  Obama Clears Press from Room Before Taking Questions from Governors


·  Napolitano: Sequester Cuts Giving Me an 'Out of Body Experience'

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·  Schumer Promises Universal Background Checks Won't Create A Gun Registry... Then Calls It 'Universal Registration'


·  Michelle Obama: Hollywood Does 'Vitally Important Work'


·  MEDIA WATCH: Chris Matthews Offers to Help Hillary's 2016 Campaign: 'We'll Get You There'


·  One Dead after Alleged Home Invasion in North Carolina: 'He Kept Beating Me so I Finally Got Out My .38...'

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Citing 'Possible Sequester,' Administration RELEASES Illegal Aliens

ICE has released "several hundred" illegal aliens from detention centers across the country citing concern over the "possible sequestration" of some federal spending that, under the Budget Control Act that Obama signed in 2011, could take effect this Friday.

House of Cards: Bewitched by Power

"House of Cards" is an invaluable education in how Washington actually works to destroy freedom. Miss it at your own peril.

Muslim Brotherhood Islamists Surround Christian Church in Attempt to Stop Construction

Welcome to the new Egypt.


‘Alarm to the World' on Iran's Nukes Falling on Deaf Ears

To underscore the seriousness of his concern to the Iranians, he then goes off to play golf with Tiger Woods.

Isaiah, Gideon, and America

The fields of history are strewn with the corpses of nations whose boasts drowned their prayers, who spent more time on their pedestals and posteriors than their knees, and who came to see God more as a relic than a reason.

Puritanism Has a Long Global History

Even America's first woman poet, Anne Bradstreet, was fined for being seen kissing her husband on their doorstep. Puritanism is always obsessed with sex and love as particularly dangerous feminine powers.

The Sequester, the Constitution & President Obama

Over the first term of Mr. Obama's reign as President, I have - on many occasions, questioned just how it came to be that he can claim the mantle of "constitutional scholar."

Islamist Assassinations in the West

In general, therefore, assassinations inspire the most consequential fear, intimidate the most, and have the greatest consequences.

Twenty Years after the WTC Bombing

We are today more willfully blind.

President Should Pull Hagel's Nomination

The fact Chuck Hagel's nomination for defense secretary has dragged on so long and caused so much teeth-gnashing means it's probably a good time for President Obama to come up with another candidate.


It's Not the Bullets, Baby!

In 2008 candidate Obama said, "We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we've set. We've got to have a civilian national security force that is just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded." After he was elected in 2008, President Obama never again mentioned his "national security objectives," or the "national security force" he wanted to create. Was that 2008 statement just an applause line?

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