Friday, February 22, 2013

The Rape Epidemic In Morsi's Egypt Newsletter Issue 85


Issue 85
In This Issue:

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Group calls for reviving "the policy of using all available and possible means of da'wah [proselytizing] and jihad." That's pretty extreme for a group that says its jurisprudence is based on a "moderate approach and a rejection of extremism."

When many Egyptians were protesting President Morsi's Sharia-heavy constitution, the Muslim Brotherhood responded by paying gangs and thugs to rape protesting women in the streets.


Brennan's failure to keep his solemn oath of service to uphold the Constitution of the United States by keeping enemies away from national security policymaking makes him unqualified for the position of CIA Director.

When one side of the argument is censored, it is easy to perpetrate a fraud on the majority. This is exactly how Islamists have been selling Americans on the idea that sharia is socially just and not a threat to the American way.

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