Tuesday, September 24, 2013

09-24-13: Dictatorship 101: What Parent Arrested after Questioning Common Core Means for America

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·  ‘Dictatorship 101: Beck's Chilling Break-Down of What Parent Arrested After Questioning Common Core Means for America

·  Why was a parent arrested for protesting Common Core?

·  Will Republicans be hurt the most by debate over defunding ObamaCare and a potential government shutdown?

·  Mark Levin Interviews Tom DeLay On Overturned Conviction

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·  Study: More Mothers Carrying Concealed Weapons

·  Shocking attack in Kenya: Why you should pay attention

·  The Cleveland Clinic In the News Thanks To Obama-Care


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·  Glenn Beck Interviews Mark Levin About His New Book ‘The Liberty Amendments'

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·  Sarah Palin: Republicans Eating Their Own In Attack On Ted Cruz

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·  Chris Wallace: Top Republicans Sent Me Opposition Research on Ted Cruz to ‘Hammer' Him With

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·  Is the Catholic Church too focused on controversial issues? Pope Francis' Message

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·  College forbids handout on Constitution Day

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·  ‘I'm Not There to Make Them Happy': Comedian Offers Incredibly Insightful Take on What Kids Really Need from Their Parents

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·  SHOCKING: ‘Is This America?': Parent ‘Manhandled', Arrested While Speaking Out Against Common Core at Public Forum


·  California to allow driver's licenses for illegal immigrants


·  National Park Service Produces Videos Praising Islam's Contributions To Women's Rights

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Equal Opportunity for the Ugly

Obama said "You didn't build that." Academic nihilists say, "You shouldn't value beauty."

John C. Wohlstetter - Russia Resets the Middle

Letter from the Capitol
What are the implications of the recent agreement on Syria brokered by Russia for American influence in the Middle East and the world at large?

Vatican Chief Justice: Nancy Pelosi Must Be Denied Communion

Because of her longstanding support for abortion, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, a Catholic, must be denied Communion under the law of the Catholic Church.

Media Decry GOP's Fighting Spirit

The media are stirring with unease at the thought that Republican congressional leaders will finally and forcefully confront Obama about his scandalous foreign and domestic policies.

Global Warming and the Credentialist Fallacy

This phenomenon-the trillions wasted by the IPCC; the millions dead because of the EPA-is the result of what can only be called "the credentialist fallacy."

The EPA's War on America

Leading the war on America has been the Environmental Protection Agency, but it is joined by the Department of Energy, the Department of the Interior, and other agencies.

Abortion Support Undermines Obama's Moral Leadership

This president not only sits by and allows wanton murder of unborn children. He supports and endorses it.

Iran Reportedly Producing Deadly Sarin Gas

Despite UN resolutions UN, U.S. and European Union demanding a halt to Iran's illicit nuclear program, the Islamic regime has significantly expanded the program.

IRS's Lois Lerner Finally Loses Her Taxpayer-Funded Paycheck

Lois G. Lerner, the woman at the center of the IRS tea party targeting scandal, retired from the agency Monday morning after an internal investigation found she was guilty of "neglect of duties" and was going to call for her ouster.


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