Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Light Sentence for Potential Jihadi in Phoenix

Light Sentence for Potential Jihadi in PhoenixDerrick Thompson, who has a history of violent crime, received one year in prisonRead More
News Analysis
Maine Town Manager Under Fire for Islam CommentsTom Kawczynski called Islam the “scourge of Western Civilization.”Read
Remember Nada Al-Ahdal? Here She Is TodayShe was just 11-years old when she made a video while fleeing a child marriage Read and Watch
Muslims Shield Christians: Oscar Nominee for True StoryA film about how Muslim women thwarted a massacre by al-Shabaab terroristsRead and Watch
Poll Results
Poll Results: Should Accused Terrorist Live?The Manhattan truck rammer wants to take a plea bargain to avoid the death penaltyRead
Readers Write
“We'll be reading about this guy in the news again. He's not through.”
“Unfortunately it is the Wahabi Saudi version [of Islam] that is being pushed in Western countries, and funded by Saudi Arabia and the Muslim Brotherhood. Too many countries in the Middle East practice that form. There certainly should be a concern about that type of mindset coming into Western nations.”
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