Canadian Immigration Minister: Be Happy in Your Genocide

Canada’s new Immigration Minister spoke in the House of Commons recently and stated that “Canada needs more immigrants.”  Of course, an immigration minister would say that.  That is like the Revenue Minister saying that the government needs more revenue.

Raising taxes is one thing.  It is always easy enough to lower them when the pitchforks come out.  But, it’s not as easy to undo immigration.  And the Minister knows it.  But he doesn’t care.  After all, he is simply executing a plan that was created decades ago under the tutelage of globalist meddlers to transform western countries into magical Utopias on Earth.  However, their Utopias do not include your values, culture, history, attitudes or religious beliefs.  They need to destroy all that.  They need to run a gigantic  social and economic wrecking ball over you and your family in order to create their diverse, inclusive, progressive, egalitarian, xenophilic Snowflake Paradises.

In effect, the Immigration Minister is saying that you better be prepared for more of the same.  And, we know that it means more cultural, social and economic genocide.  More violence.  More conflict.  More decay.  More welfare.  Higher taxes.  But he doesn’t care.  You and your family and your way of life do not matter to him and his progressive cronies.  You are garbage.

And they are being upfront about it.  They are coming out from behind the curtain with their plans.  Consider that the minister’s predecessor made the outrageous claim that “Canada needs new blood“.  His dangerous and repulsive comment underlies the belief held by these monsters in power that your blood, and the blood of your descendants, just won’t do.  You are to be genocided.  You are to be exterminated.

Your financial future doesn’t matter anymore, either.  Were you aware that social welfare for immigrants cost the Canadian taxpayers $23 billion per year according to the Fraser Institute?  That is $1,300 per year for every employed worker in Canada.  Is it any wonder that you cannot save for your future, your family or your retirement with taxes necessarily going through the roof?

That is the state we are in today.  Is it not time to rise up against these Marxiculturalist militants who want to destroy our life and country as we know it?
Image: World Goes Kaboom by 95C. License: CC0.