Tuesday, February 28, 2017

TUESDAY Security Update: Are they 'Radical Islamic Terrorists' or Not?

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What might America look like under a Marxist/Leninist regime? Could this country - known for its freedom-loving individualists - ever succumb to socialism?

I am astonished by comments by his recently appointed National Security Advisor (at least as reported by the February 24, 2017 New York Times) and will be listening for clarification from the President himself as to whether he has modified his oft-stated views on "radical Islam."

One of the defining themes of Trump's candidacy was his repudiation of the willful blindness of the Obama-Clinton administration about the nature of the Sharia-supremacist enemies we confront. Unlike Obama, Mr. Trump made a point of repeatedly calling them "radical Islamic terrorists."

Undeterred by the international attention the missile test attracted, the very next day, Pyongyang demonstrated its reach by assassinating the estranged older half-brother, Kim Jong-nam, 46, of its dictator, Kim Jong-un.

This, of course, is a "fake news" report that could have easily have been broadcast by ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, the BBC, or MSNBC. They are all fake news outlets. It's fake except for these quotations from Angela Merkel and Pope Francis.

The latest savaging ... was a "piranha blitz" on one of Trump's aides, Deputy Assistant on Strategic Affairs, Sebastian Gorka. British born from Hungarian parents who were persecuted by the Communists, Gorka has developed an expertise on "radical Islamic terrorism" ...

Nunes called the news conference to refute a Feb. 14 report in the NYT that said: "[M]embers of Trump's presidential campaign and other Trump associates had repeated contacts with senior Russian intelligence officials in the year before the election."

In his speech before the members of the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish American Organizations , Reuven Rivlin said that Israel has three overriding foreign policy concerns: "Number 1: Relations with America. Number 2: Relations with America. Number 3: Relations with America."


H.R. McMaster is wrong about radical Islamic terrorism

President Trump's newly appointed NAS, Lt. Gen. H. R. McMaster "told his staff that Muslims who commit terrorist acts are perverting their religion" and "that the label ‘radical Islamic terrorism' was not helpful because terrorists are ‘un-Islamic,'" thereby rejecting the viewpoint of President Trump and many of his senior advisors.

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Monday's White House Daily Briefing: Press Secretary Sean Spicer (02-27-2017)


Confused by fake news? Get the real story here: Sean Spicer full press briefing.

( Sean Spicer Defends Contact with Federal Officials Over Media Report on Russia White House Spokesman Sean Spicer defends his decision to contact federal officials to "knock down" New York Times stories on possible Trump campaign connections to Russia. He quotes an unnamed FBI official who told him the Times story from February 15 was "B.S." )


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