Tuesday, February 28, 2017

WATCH NOW: My exclusive interview with Dutch political leader Geert Wilders!

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Last week I flew to the Netherlands to meet one of the most interesting — and controversial — politicians in the world, Geert Wilders.

His central campaign theme is the de-Islamification of the Netherlands — and the freedom of speech to criticize Islam.

Wilders himself has been marked for death by Muslim extremists, and our meeting happened behind a wall of armed bodyguards.

We talked about so many things, including:

* his chances in the Dutch election
* open borders mass Muslim immigration
* how the media elites treat him
* his battle against sharia-style censorship
* the “Trump Effect” on the Netherlands
* his views on whether Islam is a religion — or something more dangerous
* Justin Trudeau’s Islamophobia motion
* the silence of traditional feminists and gay rights activists in the face of Muslim extremism

What did you think? Tell me, and tell the world — please feel free to leave a comment under the video.

Yours truly,

Ezra Levant

P.S. The trip to the Netherlands for me and two cameramen cost $7,000. Unlike the CBC, we don’t get $1.5 billion from the government — if you can help fund our independent journalism, please click here, or visit www.RebelEurope.com.

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