Monday, February 27, 2017

EXCLUSIVE: Why I Nearly Bombed London
issue 394
EXCLUSIVE: Why I Nearly Bombed London
Former extremist Sohail Ahmed reveals why he nearly carried out a terror attack in his home town of London. learn more
The liberal left has teamed up with extremist and violent Islamists in its next salvo against newly-inaugurated U.S. President Donald Trump.
Anti-Trump Women’s Movement Teams Up With Islamist Terrorist

By ignoring Muslim reformers, Perez's actions serve to make Islamist groups into the sole representatives of Muslims in the United States.
New DNC Chair Perez Engaged Islamists, Ignored Reformers

Defending the rights of women to wear the hijab while failing to support women who do not wish to wear it is patently hypocritical.
Feminism, Hijabs and Hypocrisy

A video has surfaced purporting to show Iraqi militiamen rescuing a puppy which they say was sent to kill them after ISIS strapped explosives to it.
Iraq Militia Claim Rescue of Puppy From ISIS Suicide Bomb Fate

We have known about Iran’s brain and artist drain. Now, more and more Iranian athletes are fleeing the country.
Ever Heard of Iran’s “Muscle Drain?”

The latest in Clarion's series explaining the situation in Iraq. This time a look at the religious groupings with a focus on the Christians.
Iraq 101: Christians and Other Groupings

A meeting of anti-Islamists turned ugly when one attendee began to make comments about killing all Muslims. Anti-Muslim bigotry is always wrong.
 North Carolina Anti-Muslim Bigot:
Iranian Animated Film: IRGC Decimates US Forces in Gulf
The trailer from an Iranian film depicting an armed confrontation between the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps and U.S. Navy shows Commander Qassem Soleimani ordering attack on U.S. aircraft carriers in the Persian Gulf. 
[Re:'Feminism, Hijabs and Hypocrisy']: The day a women can walk into a mosque uncovered and pray with the men if she chooses to and without any fear of reprisal is the day a woman is free to choose to wear a hijab.
[Re:'Iran Bans Teen Chess Champs Over Hijab, Israeli Partner']: Can't have teens who can think for themselves...esp. one who is female.
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