Friday, February 24, 2017

THURSDAY Security Update: America's Most Forgotten: The Victims of Illegal Alien Crime

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America's Most Forgotten: The Victims of Illegal Alien Crime - Carl Epley & Amanda Thomas

Jealousy leads to a double homicide in the iconic American town of Hannibal, Missouri - hometown of storyteller extraordinaire Mark Twain.

Bill Connor
With the change in administrations, we are now seeing increasingly provocative actions by Russia against the interests of the United States.

Brown, a convert to Islam, holds an endowed chair in Islamic studies at Georgetown. The Jesuit-run institution has a wealthy benefactor in Saudi Arabia, a nation which bans Christianity. How sweet.

They're chanting "Death to America" in Tehran again, on the anniversary of the Iranian revolution of 1979. And they are stomping on big posters of The Donald.

It does make sense to sort through the refugees, first admitting those least likely to be a danger to us, and then vetting the rest. The Trump administration has recognized that refugees fleeing religious persecution should be admitted first.

The forecast is for more rain around the Oroville Dam - and potential disaster for hundreds of thousands of Californians living downstream from its poorly designed emergency spillway.

It appears ISIS is feeling the pinch when it comes to its social media accounts systematically being deleted by social network administrators.


Trump's Sweden Kerfuffle Shows Why The Right Trusts Him More Than The Media


A White House Initiative to Defeat Radical Islam


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·  California Rep. Maxine Waters: Trump Cabinet "Is a Bunch of Scumbags"
·  NBC's Mika Brzezinski: Media's Job Is to "Control Exactly What People Think"
·  Kellyanne Conway: The president is his own best messenger
·  Bill O'Reilly debates Mexican-American journalists on President Trump's illegal immigration policies.
·  Podesta Says FBI Wanted Clinton to Lose. Listen to what Hillary thinks

Wednesday's White House Daily Briefing: Press Secretary Sean Spicer (02-22-2017)


Confused by fake news? Get the real story here: Sean Spicer full press briefing.

(Sean Spicer spoke to reporters at the daily briefing. He commented on the anger being displayed at town hall meetings with congressional Republicans over their attempts to repeal and replace the health care law and the White House management and vetting of lower-level Cabinet appointments. He also said further guidance would be issued shortly concerning public school policy on transgender bathroom guidelines  )


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