Friday, July 28, 2017

Canada Won't Ask Immigrants to Get a Job or Not Abuse Women

Canada Won't Ask Immigrants to Get a Job or Not Abuse Women

Good news for new immigrants to Canada. You won't be burdened with knowing Canadian history or getting a job. You won't even be asked to stop abusing women and girls. It's Trudeau Time.
 Respecting treaties with Indigenous Peoples, paying taxes and filling out the census are listed as mandatory obligations of Canadian citizenship in a draft version of a new study guide for the citizenship exam.
And guess what isn't?
Some of the Conservatives' insertions attracted controversy, including increased detail about the War of 1812 and a warning that certain "barbaric cultural practices," such as honour killings and female genital mutilation, are crimes in Canada.
Getting rid of both those elements was what former Liberal Immigration Minister John McCallum had in mind when he said early in 2016 that the book was up for a rewrite. But although work has been underway for over a year, there's no date set for publication of a final version.
In the draft version, the reference to barbaric cultural practices is gone, as is the inclusion of getting a job as one of the responsibilities of citizenship.
Discussing how evil Canada is, is a priority. But go ahead and honor kill all you like. It's the multicultural thing to do.
The draft guide delves extensively into the history and present-day lives of Indigenous Peoples, including multiple references to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission's report on residential schools and a lengthy section on what happened at those schools. The current guide contains a single paragraph.
The new version also documents the evolution of the rights of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender groups, as well as other sexual minorities. Bureaucrats had sought to include similar themes in the 2011 book but were overruled by then-immigration minister Jason Kenney, with their efforts reduced to a single line on gay marriage.
Now things have been set right. Hello gay marriage and terrible Canadian abuses. Goodbye War of 1812 and not abusing women.
Canadians like to make fun of themselves, the book notes.
The left certainly makes a joke of any country it takes over.
One of Trudeau's often repeated mantras -- "Canada has learned how to be strong not in spite of our differences, but because of them" -- appears to be paraphrased directly in the opening section of the book: Canadians have learned how to be strong because of our differences."
Mao would be proud.


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