Monday, July 31, 2017

Evaluation of poll regarding CNN. Focus will remain on HuffPost, 62nd most visited web site in America.


Evaluation of poll regarding CNN. 

Focus will remain on HuffPost, 62nd most visited web site in America.

Florida Family Association sent out an email asking subscribers to answer the poll question:  "Will you support a long term campaign (up to two years) calling on Corporate America to stop supporting CNN’s toxic, fake news with their advertising dollars?"  The poll was removed from today.

Ninety five point five percent (95.5%) of the people answered Yes to the poll.  Three point four percent (3.4%) answered Not sure. One point two percent (1.2%) answered No.

However, the total number of people who answered the poll was less than a third of the number of people who regularly respond to Florida Family Association’s email campaigns.  This may mean that two thirds of Florida Family Association’s regular email campaign supporters did not feel strongly enough to answer the poll.  Given the uncertainty of strength for a CNN campaign we plan to keep our focus on current campaigns for now.

Florida Family Association will continue to make a top project for now because HuffPost:

•    consistently publishes more propaganda than CNN.
•    is the 62nd most visited website compared to which is ranked 68th.
•    has consistently published more Islamist propaganda than CNN.
•    is in part run by Muslim Brotherhood linked journalists who worked for Al Jazeera.
•    raised money for CAIR.
•    defended the Muslim Brotherhood.
•    is routinely cited for its progressive propaganda by conservatives like Tucker Carlson, Rush
         Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Mark Levin.
•    is visited by more American youth than most other progressive media.
•    routinely diminishes Christianity and Judaism.

Additionally, several companies that had not advertised at for several months advertised again during the past week.  There is a chance that has lowered their advertising rates to gain back advertising clients.  On the other hand, these companies could be advertising again with the hope that Florida Family Association is no longer objecting to content.

We have had tremendous success with the campaign over the past fifteen months. It is important to keep the pressure on advertisers at this time and not dilute that effort with another intense campaign especially given the uncertain poll results.

The last fake news report involving CNN took place on June 27, 2017.  The time that has passed since CNN’s last fake news event may have played a role in fewer people answering our poll.   Florida Family Association will continue to monitor CNN’s content and evaluate.

Thank you for supporting Florida Family Association’s online campaigns.  Please feel free to send us your comments by replying to this email..


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