Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Will you support a long term campaign calling on Corporate America to stop supporting CNN’s toxic fake news with their advertising dollars?

Will you support a long term campaign (up to two years) calling on Corporate America to stop supporting CNN’s toxic, fake news with their advertising dollars?  Please answer our poll question.
The poll is posted at the top of Floridafamily.org home page. 

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to answer the poll question at the top of Floridafamily.org home page.

CNN’s reporters have a history of defending Islamists and Islamist bias.  CNN is relentlessly attacking President Trump because he strongly advocates for the Judeo Christian values that made America great.  Will you stand with President Trump by calling on Corporate America to stop supporting CNN’s toxic fake news which is advocating for Islamists, misinforming people and inspiring hate among progressives?

Florida Family Association has received numerous emails encouraging a campaign regarding CNN’s fake news.  Recording select CNN hours, contacting advertisers with Florida Family Association’s custom software and launching online campaigns will require considerable resources.  Florida Family Association already has two long term campaigns regarding Huffingtonpost.com and Aljzeera.com.  It is important to measure the strength of support for such an extensive campaign as CNN will be before undertaking such a long term campaign.

Some reports regarding CNN’s hateful, fake news are provided below.  If you know of other reports not found in the reports provided below please share those with Florida Family Association by emailing to ffa@floridafamily.org

A poll question and answers are presented on the home page of Floridafamily.org for Florida Family Association supporters to express their support.  Please click here and provide Florida Family Association with the answer to the poll question at the top of Floridafamily.org home page.

Here are a few reports regarding CNN’s hateful, fake news that is aimed at President Trump.

Washington Times reports: How much does CNN hate Trump? 93% of coverage is negative - Washington Times

Daily Wire reports:  Fake News Freefall: CNN Slips Waaaaaay Behind Fox News and MSNBC | Daily Wire

Fox News report:  CNN's Acosta slammed for saying Trump held 'fake news conference' | Fox News

New York Post reports:  CNN faced $100M lawsuit over botched Russia story | New York Post

Washington Times reports:  CNN producer, caught on camera: Russia-Trump ‘mostly bulls—’

Fox News Reports:  Three journalists quit CNN in fallout from retracted Russia story. 

Circa News report:  CNN retracted a story that allegedly connected a Trump aide with Russian bank activity. 
Fox News reports:  CNN's Fareed Zakaria: 'Julius Caesar' in Central Park 'brilliantly interpreted for the Trump era.'  This is the controversial Shakespeare in the Park production of Julius Caesar in which the Trump-inspired main character was brutally stabbed to death on stage. 

Daily Caller reports: ‘Extremely Unethical’ — CNN Draws Backlash After Threatening To ID Reddit User Behind Trump’s WWE Video - The Daily Caller

Breitbart reports:  Secret Service Opens Investigation into Kathy Griffin 'Beheading' Photo

Pittsburg Post Gazette reports:  Reza Aslan becomes the second CNN personality dumped after attacking Trump.  

Alternet.org reports:  CNN Hired Top al-Qaeda Propagandist for Award-Winning Syria Documentary and Wants to Cover Its Tracks

Breitbart reports:  VIDEO: CNN Accused of Staging Muslim Demo Against Terror

PJ Media Robert Spencer reports:  New English Quran Praised by CNN Says Book Often Means Opposite of What It Says. 

Media Research Center reports: CNN Insanity: Erin Burnett Wonders If 'Postpartum Psychosis' Led to Slaughter.  Burnett suggested that Tashfeen Malik, the female shooter in the San Bernardino attack, may have killed more than a dozen people because of postpartum psychosis.

Town Hall reports:  CNN's Cuomo Fears NYT Piece Detailing ISIS Raping Women and Girls Casts Negative Light On Islam. 

Washington Examiner reports:  CNN's Cuomo clarifies his 'clumsy' claim about First Amendment.  CNN's Chris Cuomo is defending himself after facing an onslaught of online mockery this week for suggesting incorrectly that so-called "hate speech" is not protected under the First Amendment. 

Washington Examiner reports:  CNN still running dubious right-wing vs. Muslim extremists statistic. 

BareNakedIslam.com reports:  BNI readers should be concerned about CNN’s pro-Islam biased reporting that seeks to sanitize and/or eliminate any and all connections between Islamic terrorism and Islam, while avoiding reporting stories about the Islamization of America and Europe.  

Pamela Geller writes:  I watch CNN everyday, and I find it Pro Islam and anti all the others. 

Honest Reporting – Defending Israel from Media Bias reports:  Charlie Hebdo and a CNN Anchor’s Bizarre Anti-Israel Twitter Outburst. 

UnitedwithIsrael.org reports:  Watch CNNS media bias against Israel.

Breitbart reports:  Ben Shapiro Blasts CNN Over Its Anti-Israel Coverage. 

Truth Revolt reports:  CNN's Sally Kohn Wonders Why Jews and Christians Aren't Blamed for Terrorism In the Same Way As Muslims. 

American Thinker reports:  CNN busted running phony Gaza propaganda, doesn't fess up.

Media Research Center reports:  CNN’s Amanpour Hoped ‘Beyond Hope’ the Boston Bombing Suspects Weren’t Mideast Muslims. 



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