Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Secretary of State Shills for Muslim Brotherhood, Qatar

News Analysis
Secretary of State Shills for Muslim Brotherhood, QatarExperts say Tillerson is sabotaging Trump’s foreign policy and want him out.Read
Will Congress Stop Paying Terrorists?US aid to the Palestinians contributes to monthly salaries for terrorists. Read
News Analysis
American Muslim Leaders Fan Anti-Semitic HateProminent figures have engaged in terror apologism and called to fight Jews. Read
News Analysis
Secretary of Homeland Security Thanks CAIRAgainst the Justice Dept. policy, the DHS has used CAIR as an outreach partner.Read
Al Shabaab Goes House to House Killing ChristiansSeven Christians were murdered by the militants in KenyaRead
Readers Write
“Rare?...The incitement is replete through Palestinian media mosques and even schools ..What an insulting sanitization of the problem”
“She is a puppet for extreme islam and her "mentor" Siraj Wajjah and as you said in the article”
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