Thursday, February 2, 2017

Dr. Gorka – America’s Message To Iran, Enemies Is Deadly Clear

dr gorka iran
Dr. Sebastian Gorka gives his take on a speech by National Security Adviser General Michael Flynn that was intended largely for Iranian consumption but also for other nations in the region and elsewhere, as well as the American people.
In it Flynn said, “President Trump has severely criticized the various agreements reached between Iran and the Obama administration as well as the United Nations as being weak and ineffective. Instead of being thankful to the United States in these agreements, Iran is now feeling emboldened. As of today we are officially putting Iran on notice.”
Gorka adopts a very somber, almost menacing tone as he says, “Sean, I think the message is deadly clear to our enemies and our adversaries. We don’t have a national security team made out of 28-year-old grad school students who have degrees in fictional writing. We have a very serious national security team. We have a National Security Advisor who was the director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, who almost single-handedly revolutionized the way we exploit intelligence in the battlefield.”
He notes the positions of Generals Kelly and Mattis in defending this nation, saying, “Today we sent a very clear message. We recognize that Iran isn’t just another country. It’s not Belgium, it’s not Trinidad and Tobago. It is a state sponsor of terrorism that is destabilizing the region.” He notes that they are in flagrant violation of a UN agreement on ballistic missiles.
Hannity says he interprets this statement as a warning to Iran that, if it’s violated, they could expect the consequences to include the bombing and destruction of their nuclear sites and their permanent elimination. He asks Gorka if he thinks Iran will get the message.
Dr. Gorka describes the problem with Iran as being “a combination of two deadly things.” It’s a theocratic dictatorship with leaders who “believe in the occultation of the hidden imam and that the apocalypse may be just around the corner and they want to make it happen even faster.” He seems to suggest a willingness to support those who “are under the heel of individuals such as these theocratic dictators.” He says, “We have to send a message and I think the message was sent.”

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