Saturday, February 18, 2017

Orchestrated and organized: Canada’s growing illegal immigrant problem can’t be ignored Brian LilleyRebel Co-Founder

Orchestrated and organized: Canada’s growing illegal immigrant problem can’t be ignored

We can’t disguise it, or ignore it and we can’t claim it’s nothing. We have a growing illegal immigrant problem even though many people and most media will try to tell you those walking across the border through forests and farmers’ fields, are refugees.

But, just because they claim refugee status doesn’t mean they are refugees.
We’ve seen people coming from Mauritania, Yemen, Somalia, Syria and elsewhere crossing into Canada across our southern border, but remember, these people aren’t crossing into Canada from Mauritania, Yemen, Somalia or Iraq.
No, they’re crossing into Canada from the United States of America. Our closest ally, our neighbour and a country that even under Donald Trump, is welcoming of refugees and immigrants.
So what are these people then?
Watch as I explain how technically, they’re illegals, and they’re literally breaking into Canada. They’re crossing illegally and doing so in a way that gets them through the loophole in our refugee system that says we don’t accept refugees from the U.S. of A.
While media outlets have been documenting what’s happening in places like Emerson, Manitoba and Hemmingford, Quebec, politicians have been reluctant to ask the government what they’re doing to stop it.
Thankfully, so far, the Liberals haven’t agreed to scrap the Safe Third Countries Act despite calls from the NDP and Liberal allies like LeadNow or radicals like No One Is Illegal to do so.
As far as I can tell, the Conservatives haven’t asked the government to stop this. They don’t want to let the Liberals paint them as anti-immigrant, racist, or uncompassionate.
But, this is organized, this is orchestrated and it is wrong and it doesn’t matter if you love Donald Trump as President or hate him. The U.S. is a nation built upon the rule of law and even after losing more than once in court, Trump is redrafting his travel suspension placed on seven countries in order to follow the rules set out by the courts.
The US is not a dictatorship, it’s not at war, it’s not oppressing people, it’s not producing refugees. It’s producing illegal immigrants and we need to say no, to nip this in the bud before it gets completely out of hand.
If you haven’t signed already, please go to our petition at Sign it and share it and spread it far and wide on social media.

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