Monday, March 27, 2017

March 27, 2017 CBC now labels comments criticizing Islam as “Islamophobic” Mike Gwilliam

The CBC/The State Broadcaster/MSNBC North has proven exactly why many Canadians opposed M103 and the lack of a definition regarding the word “Islamophobia”. To the left and to the CBC, any criticism of Islam is 'Islamophobic' and must be silenced.
In an article from March 23, the CBC claimed that a “Peel District School Board meeting was disrupted by Islamophobic comments”. You can read about what happened at that meeting here.

What exactly were the so-called “Islamophobic” comments? The CBC article doesn't say.
Luckily, our friends over at CIJ News compiled a list of some of the things said at the meeting regarding Muslim prayers in public schools.
“You’re implementing an Islamic dominance rule in this country. That’s what you’re doing. We support Canadian values. No beheadings. No female genital mutilation. No child marriage. We don’t allow that in Canada. That’s what this books [Quran] says. We don’t religion in schools. The money dollar [from Saudi Arabia] is your pocket making decision for you. Mohammad the pedophile, and a warlord and a rapist. [Religion] does not belong in schools. Go to Pakistan. We will be in a Sharia [Islamic] Law state. It’s a book of hate [the Quran]. Islam will kill you. Islam will rape. Free speech. Free speech.”
While some of these comments may be considered over-the-top, they're tame compared to what's being preached in Canadian mosques, such as calling for Jews to be murdered. Nothing said at this school board meeting remotely compares.
Yet for some reason, an article by the CBC about the hate-filled sermons doesn't include the term “Antisemitism”. So, just to be clear...

According to the CBC, being critical of Islam and its prophet is “Islamophobia”. But calling for Jews to be killed doesn't even get called “hate” by the CBC. In fact, any reference to “hate” in the article is about Montreal's hate crimes unit or when quoting someone else.

But it's not just the CBC who jumps the gun and calls criticism of Islam “Islamophobia”. Other members of the Media Party are calling the comments “anti-Muslim” despite the fact Islam, not individual Muslims were criticized.

As CIJ News reports, the Globe and Mail claimed:
Police intervened at a Toronto-area school board meeting on Wednesday evening after members in the audience shouted anti-Muslim rhetoric, tore pages from a Koran and stepped on the religious text.” 
And The Toronto Star:
“At the Peel board’s meeting Wednesday night, tempers flared and police — who have been called in to recent meetings for extra security — cleared the room after about 80 protesters could not be calmed. One ripped up a copy of the Quran, and stomped on it, as others yelled anti-Muslim comments.”
The only Muslim mentioned at the meeting was the Islamic Prophet Mohammed, who was called a “pedophile” and a “warlord”. So how exactly are the comments anti-Muslim? 
Simple. There was no “Islamophobia”. There was no hatred being spewed towards Muslims. The media and the left love to label anyone with a different viewpoint as some sort of xenophobic bigot.

We warned you that “Islamophobia”, under the guise of anti-Muslim attacks, really meant criticism of Islam. Now, here we are.

As if we needed another reason to sell the CBC. If the State Broadcaster wants to be Al Jazeera Maple, they shouldn't be getting a nickel from taxpayers. And quite frankly, I've jihad enough.

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