Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Time For Canada To End UN Funding

Time For Canada To End UN Funding

Canadian Taxpayers money should not go to a hypocritical organization that gives Saudi Arabia power over human rights.

The Canadian government spends $88.8 million in taxpayers money at the United Nations. That’s money that would otherwise go towards our own country, instead being funneled into an organization rife with corruption and rampant hypocrisy.
As an idea, the United Nations sounds nice. And in some instances, they may do a bit of good. But that is overshadowed by the simply unacceptable aspects of the UN.
For example, the UN regularly elevates countries such as Saudi Arabia to positions of influence when it comes to human rights – even voting to put Saudi Arabia on the Human Rights Council. This council, among other things, oversees women’s rights around the world. This absurdity means Saudi Arabia – the only country on Earth where women can’t drive – gets to vote on the rights of women.


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