Sunday, July 23, 2017

Powerful! Are we Living 1933 All Over Again?

<< any war nor it is for settlement of the Arab Muslim conflict with Israel and its Jewish population, this is all about Genocide of historical proportions. It's about the Genocide of the Jewish people and the erasing of Israel and all that connects this holly land to the Jewish people, no less... This is about Evil, worse then Nazis (although one can ask how can it be worse?) It is worth because the Nazi's called for Jews to go their God promised land, The holly land and BDS wants to annihilate Jews and wipe Israel of the face of the world, a total Genocide. We must stand to them like this young lady, good must prevail over evil and BDS is evil!>>>

Powerful! Are we Living 1933 All Over Again?

Not to be believed. This is a call to your conscience. Horrible antisemitism repeats itself as history repeats itself. It’s time to recognize the BDS and holocaust denial for what it is. Watch and be horrified by the similarities between then and now.

And to help you understand the issue, meet Chloe’ Valdary. Chloe’ grew up in New Orleans, was a student at University of New Orleans, and understands quite a bit about prejudice and racism. She is a Christian Zionist who believes in one Jewish State for Jews and Arabs alike, and is a pro-Israel activist. This powerful video is a promo for a huge student-led pro-Israel event in New Orleans entitled “Declare Your Freedom 2.0” at Tulane University.

Considering the racism and prejudice that Israel constantly faces on the U.S. college campuses, Valdary’s activism is a breath of fresh air to counter the stifling hatred.

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