Monday, July 17, 2017

Spend a Summer of Jihad With Hamas

Spend a Summer of Jihad With HamasHundreds of thousands of kids in Gaza will attend Hamas camps this summer.Read
EXCLUSIVE: Christian Women Up Against ISISAn interview with the head of the Bethnahrin Women’s Protection Forces.Read
News Analysis
U.S. Group Connected to Terror Group in KashmirMuslims of the Americas (Jamaat ul-Fuqra) has is actively engaged with Hizbul Mujahideen.Read
Two US Volunteers Killed Fighting ISIS in RaqqaSo far, one-third of ISIS' de-facto capital has been liberated.Read
Syrian in Canada: 'It's Not Acceptable to Beat My Wife??'After brutally beating his wife with a hockey stick, the man claimed cultural differences.Read
Do ISIS Fighters Deserve a Fair Trial?Iraqi soldiers filmed themselves hurling ISIS fighters from a cliff and shooting the bodies.Vote
Europe Beware! Turkey Eyes Iran as Replacement PartnerAnkara and Tehran have common interests.Listen
Readers Write
“8 days in jail for beating his wife for a half hour with a hockey stick. Canada you suck.”
“Wow how liberating of them to allow such risque behaviour?!?!”
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