Friday, July 21, 2017

Turkish State-Owned Media Reveals US Military Positions

Turkish State-Owned Media Reveals US Military PositionsThe disclosures included troop numbers and bases in Syria.Read more
Trump Ends Program to Train Syrian RebelsThe US will no longer train or arm Syria rebel factions. Read
Arrest Warrant for Imam Who Called for Killing JewsPalestinian Imam Muhammad bin Musa al-Nasr was preaching in Montreal.Read
London Pride: Don't Deny Ex-Muslims Our StruggleTestimony from an ex-Muslim who participated in the march.Read
Jordan Makes Improvements to Child Marriage LawHuman rights groups are hopeful that all the new conditions will discourage the practice.Read
Is ISIS a Threat to China?An interview with the president of the “East Turkestan Government in Exile.”Read more
Readers Write
“Where's the law?......British law I mean!....does it still exist?”
“Yes. They take obvious side for Islamists . Criticism about Islam is silenced. But critic and even threats to others are ok according to their standards. Rotten policy.”
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