Saturday, July 22, 2017

VIDEO Protests ERUPT: DEMAND MAYOR BETSY HODGES’ RESIGNATION, shut down press conference

VIDEO Protests ERUPT: DEMAND MAYOR BETSY HODGES’ RESIGNATION, shut down press conference

In the aftermath of the Minneapolis cop Mohamed Noor’s brutal murder of an unarmed woman in her pajamas, dhimmi Mayor Betsy Hodges thought she had her sacrificial lamb when she forced Police  Chief Janee Harteau and named an African American.  Not so fast. The people ain’t having it.
Chanting “Bye bye, Betsy!” — the crowds demand her resignation.
FULL video:

Minneapolis is under siege by a Mayor who works to advance the Somali community to the detriment of everyone else.  Damond’s horror is hardly the exception. Noor had three complaints against him. The one we know about was about the brutal use of force on a woman and had called to report a crime (like Damond).  What were the other two? Why was he still on the street? Would you call the cops if you live in sharia-Minneapolis if you were in trouble?

Protests erupt at Minneapolis press conference announcing police chief resignation

FOX  News, July 21, 2107 (thanks to Scott):
In a raucous press conference on Friday evening Minneapolis mayor Betsy Hodges announced the resignation of Minneapolis police chief Jane Harteau. The resignation came in the wake of the fatal shooting of an Australian woman by a police officer on July 15.
“We need new leadership at MPD,” Hodges said. “I asked Chief Harteau for her resignation, she tendered it and I accepted it.”
The presser quickly turned into a back and forth debate with a protester who was in attendance.
“We do not want you as the Mayor,” a man said to Hodges. “We do not want you as the mayor of Minneapolis! You have been ineffective. We do not want you as the Mayor, Betsy Hodges!”
Hodges initially attempted to engage the protestor, saying she would be “happy to sit down and talk with people about the future of policing in Minneapolis.” But the protester continued to yell while others in attendance joined the dialogue.
Hodges eventually walked away and left the room without continuing her remarks as the protesters began cheering before taking turns to make their own remarks.
Chief Janee Harteau’s resignation came a day after she made her initial remarks on the death of 40-year-old Justine Damond.

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