Tuesday, August 8, 2017

August 2017 update regarding future and current efforts.

August 2017 update regarding future and current efforts.
This monthly update is designed to keep you informed on some of Florida Family Association's future and current efforts.  

New campaign to defend Sean Hannity.  Media Matters has started a new attack on Sean Hannity's advertisers.  Mediamatters.org updated the list of Hannity advertisers on August 4, 2017.  Media Matters created a new web site called http://firehannity.org/ the first week of August that provides tools to contact advertisers.  Some of the information on the new web site regarding companies that have stopped advertising is erroneous.  Firehannity.org contains the same flawed information that medimatters.org reported in June 2017.  Firehannity.org reports several companies as having stopped advertising that we have confirmed to still be advertising.  We are evaluating firehannity.org and will respond with counter campaigns accordingly.

New campaign to support President Trump’s reversal of Obama’s transgenders in the military.  We just started a new campaign that asks people to support and encourage President Trump who is under attack for his proposal to reverse Obama's policy regarding transgenders in the military after congress failed to approve the change.  Obama’s policy regarding transgenders openly serving in the military and having their sex change operations paid for by taxpayer dollars had not been fully implemented when Donald Trump became president.  Congress failed to pass legislation in July 2017 that would have stopped taxpayer funding for transsexual gender operations in the military.  President Trump responded by declaring his intent to reverse the transgender policy.

Florida Family Association launched a campaign in July to challenge American Eagle Outfitters for selling a special brand of hijab, a symbol of Islamist oppression, in addition to using it in advertising promotions. The American market place is where Islamist Sharia doctrine is being pushed. American Eagle Outfitters used photographs of Halima Aden wearing a hijab in its latest product promotion.  Halima Aden is the Muslim woman who wore a hijab on the cover of allure magazine.  American Eagle is also selling a special denim hijab.

Florida Family Association’s campaigns helped stop Pearson PLC from using Common Core to sell more Islamist biased textbooks in America.   It was time to make the call.  Pearson had lost its bid to profit big from Common Core in America.  Common Core is an educational program characterized as federalized education with national standards.  Companies such as Pearson PLC’s Prentice Hall published biased textbooks under the guise of Common Core that pushed Islam while ignoring other religions.  The Wall Street Journal published an article on November 22, 2016 titled “Pearson’s Bet on Common Core Fails to Pay Off.”  The article reported in part:  “Pearson PLC, the world’s largest education company, made a major miscalculation on the Common Core academic standards, expecting a windfall that failed to materialize as it headed into a downward spiral in sales, stock price and staff.” Fox published an article on May 6, 2017 titled “Pearson Looks to Sell U.S. Assets – WSJ”  Florida Family Association launched numerous email campaigns in 2014 which ran for many months to oppose Pearson PLC’s publishing of Islamist biased textbooks under the guise of Common Core.

Florida Family Association continues to influence more and more companies to stop supporting pro-Islamist web sites with advertising dollars.  Our numbers continue to grow.

•    Four hundred seventy eight (478) out of five hundred seven (507) companies have stopped advertising at Huffingtonpost.com since Florida Family Association started contacting advertisers in April 2016.  Ninety four (94%) of the companies stopped advertising as of July 31, 2017.   We have thirteen (13) ongoing email campaigns that target companies that are advertising at Huffingtonpost.com.  Some companies that had not advertised at Huffingtonpost.com for several months recently advertised again.  It is possible that Huffingtonpost.com has lowered their advertising rates to gain back advertising clients.  On the other hand, these companies could be advertising again with the hope that Florida Family Association is no longer objecting to Huffingtonpost.com content.  

•    One hundred thirty five (135) out of one hundred forty two (142) companies have stopped advertising at Aljazeer.com since Florida Family Association started contacting advertisers in February 2017.  Ninety five percent (95%) of the companies stopped advertising as of July 31, 2017.  We have one email campaign that targets Lifelock which is advertising at Ajazeera.com.

Florida Family Association has numerous ongoing campaigns focused on Defending American Values and countering Islamization of America.  To see these campaigns please go to Floridafamily.org.

Your support is very important to our ability to continue the fight. 
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