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Islamist Plots and False Narratives Lust For Violence

August 3, 2017

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Sophisticated Australian Airplane Bombing Plot a Warning To the West

by Abigail R. Esman  •  August 3, 2017  •  Special to IPT News FacebookTwitter
Australia's arrest Saturday of four men suspected of plotting a terrorist attack on a commercial airliner signals more than a resurgent terror threat to airplanes. 

Deadly False Narratives Drove the Temple Mount Crisis

by Yaakov Lappin  •  August 2, 2017  •  Special to IPT News FacebookTwitter
The crisis between Israel and the Palestinians that raged in recent weeks over the Temple Mount/Al-Aqsa holy site in Jerusalem has died down, but the affair provides important clues about the rising ability of fundamentalist Islamists to seize control of the narrative.

U.S. Islamists Promote Nationwide Protests Despite Israeli Concessions

July 28, 2017  •  IPT News FacebookTwitter
In solidarity with Palestinian factions and terrorist groups, pro-Palestinian Islamist organizations in the United States geared up for more anti-Israel protests Friday, even though the original cause for their anger has been rescinded.

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Stabbing in Yavneh

'Infiltration' Fears Facing Military Immigrant Program

Anti-Jewish Protest in Mississauga

Hamas Military Wing Summer Camp

Also in the News

Taylor Force Act Passes Senate Hurdle, On Way to Become Law

August 3, 2017  •  The Jerusalem Post FacebookTwitter
A Senate bill that would force the Palestinian Authority to end its program of compensating convicted murderers and terrorists in Israel passed through a critical committee markup and vote on Thursday.

Israeli Spy Agency Uncovers Gaza-Turkey-Hebron Terror Money Trail

August 3, 2017  •  The Jerusalem Post FacebookTwitter
A Hamas money laundering ring which funnelled hundreds of thousands of dollars from officials Gaza to the West Bank city of Hebron via Turkey has been exposed, Israel's Shin Bet internal security agency cleared for publication on Thursday.

Yavne Terror Victim's Condition Stabilizes, but Battle For Life Continues

August 3, 2017  • FacebookTwitter
A man who was stabbed multiple times in a terror attack in a Yavne supermarketWednesday is said to be in stable condition, but is continuing to battle for his life as doctors began performing more surgery Thursday morning.

'Three Musketeers' Terror Plot: How MI5 'Got Lucky' to Prevent Lee Rigby-Style Attack

August 2, 2017  •  The Independent FacebookTwitter
Pressure is mounting on the Government and security services to explain how a terror cell who dubbed themselves the "Three Musketeers" were able to prepare an imminent attack while under surveillance by police and MI5.

Syrian Militants, Refugees Arrive in Syria Rebel Zone From Lebanon

August 2, 2017  •  Reuters FacebookTwitter
Syrians who left Lebanon after a ceasefire between Hezbollah and Nusra militants on Thursday started crossing into a rebel-held area of Syria where they will settle, Lebanese media reported.

At U.N., Western Powers Warn Iran Rocket Test a 'Threatening Step'

August 2, 2017  •  Reuters FacebookTwitter
The United States, Britain, France and Germany warned the United Nations on Wednesday that Iran had taken "a threatening and provocative step" by testing a rocket capable of delivering satellites into orbit and asked the U.N. chief to investigate.

Senior Hamas Leader Spotted in Beirut For First Time Since Qatar Expulsion

August 2, 2017  •  Times of Israel FacebookTwitter
A senior Hamas terrorist believed by Israel to have planned the 2014 kidnapping and murder of three Israeli teens in the West Bank was spotted publicly in Lebanon's capital Beirut for the first time since he was expelled from Qatar in June.

Hezbollah's Media Relations Department

August 2, 2017  •  Washington Examiner FacebookTwitter
Hezbollah, the Iranian-backed, Lebanese-based terror group, is preparing for another war against Israel. And one of its chief weapons will be the press.

Post-Brexit Sanctions Law Will Hit Terror Group Finances

August 2, 2017  •  Sky News FacebookTwitter
New laws giving the UK beefed up powers to impose its own sanctions against terror groups after Brexit are to be introduced by the Government. Although modelled on existing EU sanctions, the new Sanctions Bill will make it easier to cut off funding, freeze assets and block access to bank accounts.

When Progressives Embrace Hate

August 1, 2017  •  New York Times Op-Ed FacebookTwitter
The leaders of the Women's March, arguably the most prominent feminists in the country, have some chilling ideas and associations. Far from erecting the big tent so many had hoped for, the movement they lead has embraced decidedly illiberal causes and cultivated a radical tenor that seems determined to alienate all but the most woke.

Iran's Role in Temple Mount Clashes Revealed

August 1, 2017  •  Israel Hayom FacebookTwitter
Tens of thousands of Temple Mount protesters were given prepackaged meals with notes saying: "With the help of Allah, Palestine will be liberated! Jerusalem is ours" • PA official: It is obvious Iran was behind this effort, which cost millions of shekels.

British ISIS Jihadi Warns of Terror Attacks, Threatens Trump in New Video

August 1, 2017  • FacebookTwitter
A 'British' ISIS fighter has proclaimed that the terrorist organization are planning new attacks on the West in a chilling new video which has appeared online.

First German City Set to Pass Anti-BDS Bill

August 1, 2017  •  The Jerusalem Post FacebookTwitter
City Council members from the two largest parties in Munich – the capital of the German state of Bavaria – submitted a bill banning municipal funding and support for BDS activities in July.

New Charges In Wake Of Israel's BDS Ban

August 1, 2017  •  The New York Jewish Week FacebookTwitter
A week after Israel stopped five BDS activists from boarding a plane from Washington to Tel Aviv, accusations have surfaced alleging that Israel has been secretly spying on the group.

Saudi Terrorvision: Al-Qaeda Chiefs Become Stars of Saudi TV

August 1, 2017  •  Middle East Eye FacebookTwitter
In footage aired on an anonymous YouTube channel early in 2016, an elderly Yemeni cleric visited his Saudi peer... in a hospital in Riyadh, and brought good news from the battlefront next door. "I've got good news for you from Taiz," says Abdulmajid al-Zindani, who supports the Saudi-led war against Shia Houthi rebels in Yemen.

California Imam Incites Murder Against Jews, No Outrage Ensues

August 1, 2017  •  The Algemeiner FacebookTwitter
The Simon Wiesenthal Center is urging both the Department of Homeland Security and the US Attorney in California to investigate Imam Ammar Shahin's recent sermon at the Islamic Center of Davis. In his remarks, he said that Muslims — everywhere — are obligated to slaughter all Jews — everywhere.

Osama Bin Laden's Son Attacks Saudi Arabia in Video Message as He 'Spearheads Al-Qaeda Revival'

August 1, 2017  •  The Independent FacebookTwitter
Hamza Bin Laden has accused the historic founder of Saudi Arabia, Abdul-Aziz bin Rahman Al Saud, of being a British agent, according to Arab media outlet Al-Monitor. Osama Bin Laden's 15th child and heir apparent has been active in al-Qaeda since the death of his father in a 2011 US Navy Seal raid in Pakistan.

Subject of FBI Terror Probe Faces New Local Charges

August 1, 2017  •  Ocala Star Banner FacebookTwitter
The State Attorney's Office has doubled the number of charges against a 19-year-old Ocala man who is the subject of an FBI terrorism investigation Jonathan Beese, who was arrested in Ocala on April 3, was originally charged with armed burglary, grand theft and possession of burglary tools

Infamous Assassinated Hezbollah Terror Mastermind Imad Mughniyeh Revealed as Founder of Iran-Backed Shia Militias in Iraq

July 31, 2017  •  The Algemeiner FacebookTwitter
One of the most historically-feared architects of Iran's terror network in Lebanon has been named as a key contributor to
the growth of the Tehran-backed Shia militias that now wield
decisive power in Iraq.

Gillibrand Now Says She Won't Support Israel Boycott Bill 'In Its Current Form'

July 31, 2017  •  Observer FacebookTwitter
U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand said Monday she will not back the Israel Anti-Boycott Act "in its current form" until it is revised to make clear that it does not penalize any efforts by individuals to boycott the Middle Eastern nation.

Wasserman Schultz Aide In Pakistan Still Liquidating Assets In U.S.

July 30, 2017  •  The Daily Caller FacebookTwitter
Imran Awan, a congressional aide arrested by the FBI after wiring $300,000 to Pakistan and misrepresenting the purpose, had previously wired money to the country and was frantically liquidating multiple real estate properties on
the day he was arrested.

Riverside Imam Stirs Criticism After Sermon Calling Jews 'Unjust Tyrants' and Praying to 'Destroy Them'

July 30, 2017  •  LA Times FacebookTwitter
Another California imam has drawn criticism after delivering a sermon laced with inflammatory remarks about Jews, calling them "unjust tyrants" and praying to Allah to
"destroy them."

Author of Anti-Israel UN Report is Mixed Up in AntiSemitic FB Groups

July 30, 2017  •  The Jerusalem Post FacebookTwitter
Richard Falk, an American professor who has held multiple positions at the United Nations which he has in the past notoriously used to propel an anti-Israel agenda, was discovered to be a member of an antisemitic hate group on Facebook.

Germany's Refugee-Driven Terror Problem Out of Control After a Dozen Incidents Since Jan 2016

July 29, 2017  •  PJ Media FacebookTwitter
Friday it was Hamburg. Today or tomorrow it could be anywhere else in Germany .As I chronicle below, there have been a dozen terror-related incidents in Germany since January 2016, indicating that the problem may be at a tipping point as the number of fatal terror attacks in Western
Europe has exploded in just the past few years.

Tony Blair Warns of Muslim Brotherhood Threat in West

July 29, 2017  •  Arab News FacebookTwitter
Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has warned that a new wave of religious intolerance is originating in the West, where groups like the Muslim Brotherhood operate freely, proving a threat back in the Arab world.

London Bridge Terrorist Was Islamic Primary School Teacher - Radicalized Kids As Young As 4

July 29, 2017  • FacebookTwitter
Khuram Butt, 27, taught Koran classes at Eton Community School in Ilford, East London, an independent Islamic school for children aged three to 11. It is suspected that he used the classes to expose pupils to his extremist beliefs.

Hezbollah America Announces Itself, Issues First Threat

July 27, 2017  •  Al Arabiya English FacebookTwitter
A previously unknown militant group identifying itself as the "Hezbollah Army in America" has declared its existence by publishing a statement, copies of which were sent to the Iranshahr News Agency headquarters in Los Angeles.

A Demagogic Bully - The Southern Poverty Law Center

July 27, 2017  •  City Journal FacebookTwitter
For the past 40 years, a self-styled watchdog group, the Southern Poverty Law Center, has excelled in promoting unwarranted alarm, with a politicized series of hobgoblins, in the process amassing a fortune from its credulous donors.

The Rise of the Violent Muslim Brotherhood

July 27, 2017  •  Hudson Institute FacebookTwitter
The past four years witnessed a significant transformation inside the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, the impact of which will likely be felt for generations to come.
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