Saturday, August 5, 2017

trudeau is a asshole

Why do people call Justin Trudeau a terrorist sympathizer or Muslim convert? 

Are they just dumb conservative bigots? 

Is there something to what people are saying?

 Let's go over some of the things he's done and said over the past few years since we've been graced with his presence.

•Passed Bill C-6, which makes it so we can no longer deport convicted terrorists with dual citizenship.

•Refused to condemn female genital mutilation multiple times when asked what his thoughts on it were.

•Visited the Asuna Wahabi mosque in Montreal during his campaign trail, a place that is on the FBI watch list as a known Al Qaeda recruitment center. When asked if he regretted it, he said no.

•Changed the refugee policy, something I have already posted about. Now we accept "refugees" that aren't being persecuted for their religion, nor are they necessarily from wartorn countries. Before we mainly took in middle eastern Christians because they were being slaughtered by Muslims, now we are taking almost exclusively Muslims.

•Called the act of taking only persecuted minorities "disgusting". He would rather take in the wolves than sheep.

•Stopped our bombing of Isis first day in office.

•Refused to call Isis' practices barbaric.

•Tweeted to the world that Canada would take in anyone that America didn't want, essentially removing our border. Most people coming across the borders have no paperwork.

•Gave Omar Kadr 10.5 million dollars, despite the court system not ruling on what the amount would be. Also apologized on behalf of Canadians, despite the fact that the only person responsible for Omar's predicament was his and his families.

•Praised Fidel Castro when he died, calling him "a great leader and champion of the people." I shouldn't need to explain why that is messed up. 

•Appointed known Muslim Brotherhood/Hamas affiliated people to important positions, such as Omar Algabra.

•Changed the Canadian Citizenship Guide so that it didn't include the condemnation of beating your wife and mutilating little girls genitals. Also took out where it said that getting a job was necessary. Made the time needed in Canada to become a citizen significantly shorter.

•When asked what his second favorite country was (after Canada), he replied "China, because of their basic dictatorship. It allows them to make quick decisions." Pesky voters, eh?

•During his campaign, he visited very few churches and synagogues. He made sure to visit every mosque he could, even the previously mentioned extremist ones that preach death to the west.

•Introduced Motion-103, making Islamophobia illegal. Is being scared of your country getting ruined an irrational fear (phobia)?

•Trying to push through a bill to make refugees aloud to vote in our election. 90% of these people don't know English. Think they'd vote fairly?

•Admitted he wants Canada to be the first borderless state.

Now I could throw in how he didn't hold a job for more than 2 years until he got into office. I could add that he has a degree in education, making him less qualified to run a country than most of my friends. 
He backpacked around the world through 90 different countries on his daddies millions, no care in the world or interest in politics. He tried different things, dropping out of university two different times while smoking up with his buddies. 

It's petty to mention, but he is still receiving money from his trust fund. Got a job as a snowboard instructor, tried being a bouncer. He decided he'd cash in on his last name and looks and run Canada. 

It's a sad day when people will call Trump unqualified (something you can make a good case for) yet consider Justin Trudeau a great leader. I could expand on his lack of qualifications, but I wanted to keep this about his love of Islamic terrorism.

Feel free to share to trigger liberals.

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