Monday, February 20, 2017

Blind Sheikh Dead But His Network Lives On in America
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Blind Sheikh Dead But His Network Lives On in America
The Blind Sheikh’s jihadist collaborators continue to be active enough for the NYPD to gather intelligence on some of them. learn more
Clarion's editor Meira Svirsky explains the story of a UK headteacher who received death threats from parents over her clothes.
UK Headteacher Forced To Work From Home In Fear

We asked for your opinions as Washington mulls the idea. Find out if others agree with you as we present some of the hundreds of responses.
Readers Respond: Should US Put Boots on Ground in Syria?

A human rights lawyer accuses the police and intel units of having a hand in the murders of Christian clergymen in Turkey by turning a blind eye.
Interview with Priest's Killer: Missionary Activities a 'Threat'

A new Nike commercial calls on women in the Middle East to play sports without worrying about what the neighbors will say.
Nike Tells Arab Women: Just Do It. But Can They?

Sweden’s “first feminist government” wore hijabs while in Iran but were blasted by hardliners for taking them off to sign a trade deal.
Iranian Hardliners Attack Swedish Delegation Over Hijabs

Omar Abdel-Rahman aka The Blind Sheikh, who plotted to blow up the United Nations building and other targets in the 1990s, has died in prison.
Obituary: The Blind Sheikh

The couple will stand trial in September, both charged with four offences including possessing an explosive substance and acting for a terror group.
Details Emerge of Canadian Teen Lovers Alleged Terror Plot

The global arms trade is at the highest it’s been since the end of the Cold War, fueled largely by Middle-Eastern purchases, according to a new report.
Why Is the World Flooded With Weapons?
WARNING GRAPHIC VIDEO: ISIS 'Plants' for the Future
Watch the story of Saladin, a member of the 'Caliphate Cubs.'
A Pakistani Christian has been granted bail in his blasphemy case, but does not have enough money to post the bonds. 
Bail For Blasphemy Charges, But Still Not Safe
[Re:'Iranian Hardliners Attack Swedish Delegation Over Hijabs']: Did they attack them for being women too? And for being elected? And for not being Muslim? Wow the list must have been endless.
[Re:'Obituary: The Blind Sheikh']: He had a very big surprise when he left this world. He did not wind up where he thought he was going.
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