Monday, February 20, 2017

MONDAY Security Update:Limbaugh: No Question Liberals Are Doing Everything They Can to 'Sabotage' President

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Presidents Day? No, officially it's still Washington's Birthday

The federal holiday, enacted in Washington, D.C., in 1879 and expanded to include all federal employees in 1885, is actually Washington's Birthday.

Presidents' Day -- Remembering Two Presidents

Presidents' Day is set aside to recognize the February birthdays of two of our greatest presidents, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln

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In my version, the poisonous dragon is radical billionaire George Soros, who has made it his life's work to poison vibrant democratic systems of government throughout the world in order to actualize his globalist vision of One World Government...

Behind the scene, Israel intelligence experts are worried about the consequences of the leaks coming from the US National Security Council and other American intelligence agencies.

NBC's own Andrea Mitchell said it was "Not Right." The New York Times found that the skit was unfocused with a "queasy edge of sexism."

Our strategy in the past has been reactive, but now must be driven by our vital core objectives.

The facility, Gulzar E. Madina Mosque, sits in the Maryland suburb of Pikesville, roughly 50 miles from Washington D.C.

When they met on Wednesday, US President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Benjamin were both walking wounded.

There appears to have been no basis for a criminal or intelligence probe.


Feminine Spring


Fed Appeals Court: Immigrant Who Voted Illegally Can be Deported

The decision comes on the heels of a spat between Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and the president.

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·  Senator Rand Paul: "We're Very Lucky John McCain is Not in Charge"
·  Rush Limbaugh: No Question Democrats Are Doing Everything They Can to 'Sabotage' President Trump
·  Melania Trump attacked for reciting 'The Lord's Prayer'
·  Ambassador John Bolton Slams 'Foolish' Chuck Todd
president trump florida 02-18-2017

·  President Trump Rally in Melbourne, Florida (02-18-2017)

Tuesday's White House Daily Briefing: Press Secretary Sean Spicer (02-14-2017)


Confused by fake news? Get the real story here: Sean Spicer full press briefing.

(Thursday's briefing was held by President Trump)


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