Friday, March 10, 2017

Christian Witness

The takeover of Lebanon from a country basically Christian, 54% versus 44% Muslim, rising to 60% Muslim in just several decades - is described in "Lessons of Lebanon Lost", with a nightmarish description of events through the eyes of a teen-age, terrified Christian-Lebanese girl - it should be a wake-up call. Among the historians and political observers who follow the sweep of Islam as both religion and culture, is Dr. Peter Hammond in his book "Slavery, Terrorism and Islam, the Historical Roots and Contemporary Threat". The source of the percentage data below is the US Central Intelligence Agency, World Facts Data, 2007.
Of the almost 200 countries in the world, about a quarter are summarized below with their Muslim population percentages: the average for all of Europe being now about 5%. However, low or moderate values tend to be completely misleading as to political influence, for example England and France, because of Muslimic concentration in tight, closely-packed enclave neighborhoods, circling main-city-centers. This results in a significantly magnified Islamic presence and power, especially with media-monitored political rallies. In Belgium, for example, fully one-third of the residents of the capitol, Brussels, are Muslim, with some municipalities reaching 80%. Marseilles, in France, is probably about 40% Muslim.
The result is major Islamic influence in European and world politics, especially with regard to the Mideast, notably Israel, with the US seen as her supporter. With an eye to catering to Muslim interests - and votes - non-Muslim politicians tend to be at the forefront of current anti-Israel rallies, significantly affecting the growing European anti-Israel (and US) policies. While Muslim politicians tend to play down their religion, " I care more about party issues, not Islamic ideology", political wariness is also growing - even a discussion of rising Muslim political influence is considered taboo in many countries.
Rotterdam became the first major city in Europe to elect a Muslim mayor.

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