Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Four Things You Can Do to Tackle Radical Islam

Four Things You Can Do to Tackle Radical IslamTackling Radical Islam is a priority. But what can YOU do?Read
The Third Jihad: Episode 10Radical Islam's view of the USA, its mission of jihad and inroads into terror.Watch
The Politically Incorrect Raheel RazaRaheel is bold enough to criticize and challenge radical Islam, are you?Join the Conversation
Fight the Islamophobia ExcuseLet's stop allowing the conversation about radical Islam to be shut down.Share This
51 Brussels Organizations Linked to TerrorismPolice discovered the links during raids in Molenbeek district.Read
What You Said: What Should the U.S. Do Next in Iraq?We asked our readers their opinion. Here are the responses. Join the Conversation
Dr. Majid Rafizadeh: Why the Islamist State of Iran is So DangerousDr Majid Rafizadeh of Harvard University explains the problem with the Iranian regime. Read
Readers Write
“Islamophobia is a tool to silence debate about what islam really is”
“Turkey has been a radical Islamic State for 600 years. They exterminated a million and a half Armenians just last century.”
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