Wednesday, March 1, 2017

It’s Time to Throw the Left Overboard

It’s Time to Throw the Left Overboard

With Motion 103 and Bill C16 altering the social and political landscape of this country, a few things have become clear. Firstly, Motion 103 makes it apparent that the Canadian government favors the religion of Islam over all other religions. No other religion is being given the sort of preferences that Islam receives.  In fact, Christianity is actively disparaged and discredited by politicians and the state-friendly media and academics. Furthermore, not only are Islamic immigrants being supported by the Canadian government at tax payers’ expense (to the tune of billions of dollars per year), but the elite are enacting laws to “Islamacize” our culture. It will be only a matter of time before Canada becomes an Islamic state if nothing is done.

The ironic, even comedic, thing is the same leftist social engineers will be on the receiving end of the chopping block. The hardest hit will be the feminists and homosexuals. Consider that in many Islamic countries, women are treated like possessions with no rights and homosexuals are stoned to death.

With these foreign values, it is Ok to burn the Holy Bible and the Canadian flag, but drawing a picture of Mohammad or burning a Koran – well, that’s a huge no-no and punishable by death.

Bill C16 was created to exert Orwellian control over language and to legally mandate the denial of biological reality. First we had marriage equality and gay rights. Slowly it became socially acceptable to become a transsexual. The dangerous part is that we now have a law that forces every citizen to recognize an anti-scientific, imaginary manner of belief and thought. That we are now legally compelled to accept that a man or woman is whatever strange gender they desire is ludicrous.

Where does all this lead? Will the Liberal government make it law that if someone self-identifies as an animal (perhaps a fox or wolf, or a mythological creature such as a dragon), then we must recognize “it” as such or else face fines or jail time? Will these degenerates push for the decriminalization of, say, pedophilia or having sex with animals or marrying them? At this point, as bizarre and absurd as those things appear, one cannot deny them as a potential reality under the sick egalitarianism that has run amok amongst the radical left.

If you think of our nation as as boat where the captain and crew are jeopardizing those on board by actively trying to sink the ship or sabotage it, then wouldn’t it be high time that they be thrown overboard?


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