Tuesday, March 21, 2017

*Media Advisory* Global Coalition to Counter ISIS: Former US Diplomats, Political Officials, and Veterans Available for Interview

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MARCH 21, 2017


Meeting of the Global Coalition to Counter ISIS: Former US Diplomats, Political Officials, and Veterans Available for Interview

New York, NY - This week, the Trump administration will host the Global Coalition to Counter ISIS in Washington, DC on March 22-23. The summit will convene a coalition of 68 countries and entities fighting the Islamic State around the world. 

United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) is calling on the Administration and those attending the summit this week to include Iranian regional aggression in their discussions on counterterrorism strategy.  Iran is the leading state sponsor of terrorism, including in Iraq and Syria.  Continued Iranian regional meddling risks strengthening the hands of terrorist organizations like ISIS.  It also poses a serious challenge to global stability in enabling bad actors like the Assad regime, as well as inflaming the refugee crisis.  While global leadership is focusing on clearing ISIS strongholds in Mosul and Raqqa, there must be a clear strategy for the day after both cities are reclaimed in both governance and action against Iran-backed Shiite militias in Iraq and Syria.

Members of UANI's leadership, Advisory Board, and Veterans Advisory Council are available for comment on the ISIS Summit throughout the week, including:
  • Senator Joseph I. Lieberman, UANI Chairman and Former U.S. Senator (I-CT)
  • Ambassador Dennis Ross, UANI Co-Founder and Former Special Assistant to President Barack Obama and Senior Director for the Central Region on the National Security Council
  • Staff Sergeant Robert Bartlett (Ret.), UANI Senior Advisor and Purple Heart Recipient
Media interested in speaking with any of the available UANI spokespeople, please contact: press@uani.com.

About UANI
UANI is an independent, not-for-profit, non-partisan, advocacy group founded in 2008 by Ambassador Mark D. Wallace, Ambassador Richard Holbrooke, former CIA Director Jim Woolsey and Middle East Expert Ambassador Dennis Ross, that seeks to heighten awareness of the danger the Iranian regime poses to the world.


Eye on Iran is a periodic news summary from United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) a program of the American Coalition Against Nuclear Iran, Inc., a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Eye on Iran is not intended as a comprehensive media clips summary but rather a selection of media elements with discreet analysis in a PDA friendly format. For more information please email press@uani.com.

United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) is a non-partisan, broad-based coalition that is united in a commitment to prevent Iran from fulfilling its ambition to become a regional super-power possessing nuclear weapons.  UANI is an issue-based coalition in which each coalition member will have its own interests as well as the collective goal of advancing an Iran free of nuclear weapons.

American Coalition Against Nuclear Iran, P.O. Box 1028, New York, NY 10185-1028

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