Friday, March 10, 2017

Poll: Is Trump Right to Deploy US Marines Against ISIS?

News Analysis
What Makes Girls Get Radical?Farhana Qazi, an American Muslim and former counter-terrorism analyst, sheds light on why girls become terrorists.Read more
Iran's Nuclear DeceitThe Islamic Republic insists they want nuclear fission reactors only to generate electricity. But they have plenty of byproduct natural gas from their oil-fields, which could be used to generate electricity in power stations far more cheaply.Read more
Muslim Girl in UK Gets Death Threats, Forced to Apologize for Dancing in the StreetA hijab-wearing girl was forced to apologize by conservative YouTube host Ali Dawah, after a video of her dancing in the street went viral. Read more
Readers Write
““Such deluded conceptual thought perpetuated here. For those believing in a creator, did this creator not create this animal(s)? Contradiction to the beauty of creation!””
““I think the USA might need a northern wall also!””

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