Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Ontario “Human Rights Commission” fines man $12,000 for not removing his shoes in room where Muslims prayed

Ontario “Human Rights Commission” fines man $12,000 for not removing his shoes in room where Muslims prayed

Canada gallops forward into multicultural harmony and peace, which will apparently be characterized by strict adherence to Sharia.

“Time To Fight the Sharia Fine!,” by Faith Goldy, Rebel Media, July 10, 2017:
Recently, we were introduced to John Alabi, a 52 year old Ontario man, who is being issued a sharia ticket for $12,000 by this province’s Human Rights Tribunal. 
Some background: John is a Christian who came to Canada 22 years ago from Nigeria. Since then, he’s followed Canadian laws and worked hard; he carries not one but two jobs today, just to ensure his family is cared for. 
John’s a man with the sort of story every Canadian should be proud of. 
But instead, he’s being labelled a human rights violator. 
John is now being ordered to pay an Arab Muslim couple, his former tenants, a whopping $12K for a failure to accommodate their religion — all because John didn’t remove his shoes when showing the bedroom where this couple prayed to potential new occupants. 
So, The Rebel started a crowdfunding mission at HelpJohn.ca to get John Alabi the money he needed to pay the jizya. But we heard from Rebel supporters who said they wanted to help John — but not in this way. 
Our supporters wanted to help John fight, not give in. 
And so, we went back to John with your feedback. 
As many of you know, John has not had it easy. For two years, John has been racking up legal fees and spent an inordinate amount of time combatting the case filed by Walid Madkour and his wife Heba Ismail. 
His difficulties were compounded when he lost his young son during the proceedings. 

But now, John says he’s ready to get back in the ring against Ontario’s Human Rights Tribunal, under one condition: We help him pay his legal fees. 
The total cost of his legal fees which include the Request for Reconsideration, Divisional Court and Appeals will be $8000+HST ($9040).

So now it’s time we live up to our promise. If you want to be a part of this important fight to appeal a dangerous Sharia precedent from being set in Canada, please contribute at HelpJohn.ca!

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