Sunday, July 2, 2017

What You Might Have Missed This Week

Should Google Manipulate Search Results to Protect Islam’s Image?Some activists are campaigning for exactly that. Read
New York Times Shills for Al JazeeraBy praising the Qatari network's journalistic standards, the NY Times exposes its own.Learn More
Recipe for Disaster: Immigration Without AssimilationWill the multiculturalist doctrine eventually destroy the very fabric of Western democratic society?Read
Islamists Are Biggest Perpetrators of Antisemitic Violence: New StudyThe new study focused on seven European countries as well as Russia. Read
Readers Write
“If you have never heard this woman speak, you really need to! She is a true hero, she is incredibly brave to speak publicly! Love her.”
“What always gets me, is the cowards at the top order everyone else to obey but don't do it themselves to their own family. Evil personified.”
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