Wednesday, August 9, 2017

What the Crisis Means: North Korea, Nukes and Islamists

News Analysis
What the Crisis Means: North Korea, Nukes and Islamists10 reasons the North Korean crisis with the US connects to Islamism. Read
Paris Hit by Terror – AgainJust the latest in a series of attacks to rock the cityShare
If Muhammed Cartoons Are OK, So Is Hijabi Statue of LibertyThe painting won fourth prize in a congressional art competition. Vote
Four Reasons To Support Cash for Women College GradsWhy cash wedding presents to Muslim women who graduate college are a good idea. Share
Islamists Claim Beds More Dangerous Than TerrorHizb ut-Tahrir subscribes to the supremacist goal of a global caliphate. Watch
Readers Write
“ISIS recruits are disillusioned in a life without purpose and become enamored (to the cause) of the Caliphate. So in the name of Islam and Allah they are quite willing to carry out terror and barbarism (crucifixion & beheading) because they are told of a greater afterlife especially with martyrdom.”
“I have been livid since realizing his full speech can no longer be found on the internet and has been reduced to that part quoted in this article. He spoke at length about the need to exterminate Jews everywhere around the globe. As is, he almost sounds tame when he was angry and yelling throughout the better part of it. The disappearance of the full speech tells me the media and govt is working together to cover for this man. An outrage.”
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