Tuesday, December 18, 2012

12-18-12: Worst School Massacre in U.S. history: Not a Shooting

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·  Cuomo Stuns 'View' Hosts: Put Armed Guards in Schools

pope benedict

·  Stephen Colbert Hails Liberal Activist Catholic Nun's Dissent against Pope Benedict and Boosts 'Brave' Nun's War against Paul Ryan

God Bless The USA

·  We've created an atmosphere in this country where they only time you want to invoke God's name is after the tragedy.

myrick_sue_ congress 2008

·  Rep. Myrick: ‘Government can't afford to take care of everybody'

tim scott _ nikki haley

·  Tea party Republican Tim Scott Becomes South Carolina's First Black Senator


·  Is Boehner caving on tax hikes? Will the president get his way on higher rates which will result in a loss of 700,000 American jobs?


·  Jewish woman lives with daily threats and fear from Muslims

school safety  _ LARGE

·  Los Angeles Police Chief Announces Plan for Random Patrols of Schools


·  Marine remains imprisoned in Mexico: Lance Corporal Hammar still being held in a Mexican prison based on bogus charges


·  Weighing school security in wake of Newtown tragedy

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SchoolShooting_ newton CT large

·  60 Minutes reports: Tragedy in Newtown: Pelley interviews a school nurse, a former classmate of the alleged gunman's, and former Secret Service members.


·  Tulsa Oklahoma cop in trouble for refusing order to attend Muslim event

giuliani_ RUDY

·  Giuliani Smacks Down Piers Morgan's Liberal Talking Points

sandy hook

·  ‘All My Friends Are Dead': Harrowing Story of 6-Year-Old Who Survived Sandy Hook Shooting

mom and children

·  Talking to kids about tragedy


·  Islamists claim initial victory in Egypt referendum


·  Role of faith in coping with Newtown school shooting


·  The United Kingdom says "Yes!" to fracking


·  Secretary Clinton will not testify on Benghazi, Libya Terrorist Attack

megyn- kelly

·  Columbine Victim's Mom Tells Megyn Kelly about ‘Trauma' & ‘Loss' Following Shooting: ‘Right Now, These Parents Can't Imagine Hope'


·  Girl Describes Terrifying Experience Inside CT School: ‘I Heard...7 Loud Booms...So We All Huddled'


·  Mother of student inside CT school during shooting speaks

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Worst School Massacre in U.S. history: Not a Shooting

By limiting the Newtown discussion only to shootings, we ignore the worst school massacre in U.S. history which wasn't a shooting at all.

Pork is the Answer for Peace in the Middle East

So, how can an angry mob of Muslims on the verge of deadly violence be constrained? Unfortunately, as recent events show, the standard repertoire-tear gas, water cannons and rubber bullets usually fail.

Poll: Gloomy voters say USA on wrong track, kids will be poorer

Americans are deeply pessimistic about their chances for future prosperity, with 54% saying they believe their children will be worse off as adults than their parents.

Why Poor and Lower-Income People Should Be Tax-Cutting Conservatives

Let's take a look at the taxes paid by someone making $11,170/year. That is right at the poverty level for a single person according to the Department of Human Services.

Neighbor describes taking 6 Sandy Hook school children survivors into his home

He had just finished feeding his cats and was heading from his home near Sandy Hook Elementary school to a diner when he saw six small children sitting in a neat semicircle at the end of his driveway.

Iran Making Anthrax at Secret Plant

The secret work is being done at a plant named Shahid Bahonar on a mountaintop by the city of Marzanabad off the mountainous Chalus road to the Iranian Caspian Sea.

Lost in Washington? The Disappearing Director-General of UNESCO

Let us move for a moment to one of the sideshows, where a small mystery all its own is taking shape - involving Irina Bokova, the director-general of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

Israel at Peace

Back to Israel: I am optimistic it will survive. Several reasons lead me to this conclusion.

Blasphemy and Islam: Our Fundamental Rights are Under Attack

What is criminal, what has become increasingly perilous, is any criticism of Islam. 


What Can a Husband Do About a Disobedient Wife?

He complained bitterly that "It is totally different, this place. American women, they control everything. Back home it's different. A lot of women they don't understand. They try to own the man over here."


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