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What Outrages Muslims – Burning a Quran, Murdering Infidels or Disfiguring Women with Acid Attacks?

What Outrages Muslims – Burning a Quran, Murdering Infidels or Disfiguring Women with Acid Attacks?

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Murdering a Quran is a capital offence in Islam. In our society, murdering a Quran is now worse then murdering human beings. At both the Republican and Democratic conventions this year, NOT ONE candidate rose up and condemned the carnage against Christians that is sweeping the Middle East. NOT ONE.

Which of the following outrages Muslims most?
quran-burning and muslim outrage
This is the moral depravity we have shrunk to as a people. We have lost our souls – our will to be a free people. This is also evidenced by our pathetic response to the rioting that accompanied the movie "Innocence of Muslims".

While I do not support the burning of any book, even of one as evil as the Quran, there is a great moral difference between burning pages and destroying human beings. The burning of a book, any book, is not even an offence, but is counted as human rights under the Western and UN Human Rights charters. Taking the life of a person is the most grotesque crime.

The movie "Innocence of Muslims", and the Danish cartoons of Muhammad, all led to many people being murdered, countless beaten, and property destroyed.

A book is nothing more then a mass of wood chips that are processed at a paper mill into pulp – a mushy, watery solution, and then turned into paper. A book has no nerve cells, feels no pain and has no brain to control senses (vision, hearing, taste, smell, and touch – senses that can induce fear and horrendous pain.) When a book is burnt flames obliterate the pages turning them into ashes without suffering any pain or distress.

Can you imagine the sheer, raw pain a woman feels when acid is thrown into her face dissolving the skin and flesh to the bone?

Can you imagine burning Christians in their churches – the pain and suffering of being burnt alive?

Look at the following picture of a murdered Christian and a Muslim woman with with figured face by acid. You tell me how 1.6 billion people can believe in this evil – Islam that treats the burning of a book with murderous, mindless, outrage but praises mass murder and torture as holy, divine acts ordered by God.

To utilize Quranic teachings to justify terrorizing, torturing, incinerating, murdering humans is a crime – the ultimate blasphemy against Loving God if one exists.

Some 100 million Christians are being viciously persecuted in Muslim lands. Young Christian girls are being abducted in Egypt, raped and forced to become Muslim and marry Muslim thugs. Christian churches, filled with praying devotees, are often bombed causing many deaths. Where is the outrage against this genocide? Where are the millions marching in the street protesting this mass murder?
Islam is an ideology of hate. Islamic terrorism is of ritualistic nature, evidenced by Quran 47:4, 33:61, 8:12-15, 7:4 to mention just a few of numerous such teachings. The dead kafirs and their blood are human sacrifice: ritual offerings to Allah... To quote the prominent London Imam and Islamic theologian Abu Hamza al-Masri, "There is no liquid loved by Allah more than the liquid of blood…. Whether you do it by the lamb, or you do it by a Serb, you do it by a Jew, you do it by any enemies of Allah," he said. That drop of blood "is very dear."

The moral depravity of Islam is on display. The burning of a Quran is more important than the millions been brutalized by Islam. By our refusing to come to the aid of these oppressed, the moral depravity of our society is on display.


Acid Attack Victim Fakhra Yunus Commits Suicide in Rome

After 3 years of martial abuse, Yunus fled her Muslim husband who then came to her mother’s house while she was sleeping in May 2000 and poured acid all over her in front of her 5-year-old son. Yunus became the face of violence against women in the country after Pakistani activist Tehmina Durrani, author of "My Feudal Lord," helped Yunus escape to Rome and get treatment for her disfigurement. Durrani said, "I have met many acid victims. Never have I seen one as completely disfigured as Fakhra. She had not just become faceless; her body had also melted to the bone. Despite her stark and hopeless condition, the government of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan was not in the least God-fearing. She was provided nothing...but disdain...and trashed."

More than 7,000 deliberate burning attacks against women were recorded by the Progressive Women's Association of Pakistan in just two Pakistani towns between 1994 and 2008, mostly the work of husbands, who attack their wives as a form of revenge for refusing sexual advances or other proposals. More than 8,500 acid attacks, forced marriages and other forms of violence against women were reported in Pakistan in 2011, according to The Aurat Foundation, a women’s rights organization. Because the group relied mostly on media reports, the figure is likely an undercount. Yunus is just one of tens of millions of women who have been raped, murdered, tortured, and enslaved by Islam.

Islam is nothing more then "Evil In The Name of God."

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