Thursday, June 27, 2013

06-27-13: Powers & Crowley Rip Obama for Butting into TX Abortion Debate

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·  Liberal Kirsten Powers and Conservative Monica Crowley Rip Obama for Butting into Texas Abortion Debate

·  Another IRS Official Pleads The Fifth During Hearing

·  Ted Cruz Tells Mark Levin That The Lib Media ‘Like Their Conservatives Docile And House Trained'

·  Excuses, excuses for culture of corruption at IRS (Michele Bachmann on Greta)

·  Money gone wild at another IRS conference: Lavish conference in Atlanta cost Taxpayers $2.4 million (Stealing from American People?)

·  How do Americans feel about Obama's $100M trip to Africa?

·  Senator Marco Rubio Defends Himself Against Tea Party Attacks on Senate Floor - Is this damage control and too late?

·  AFRICOM Commander during (Benghazi) Libya Attack Speaks Out

In Case You Missed It

·  Low-Info Voters Think Eric Holder Starred In ‘Fast And Furious' Movies

·  RUSH: Immigration Reform ‘Effectively The End Of The Republican Party'

·  PALIN: Conservative Sens. Marco Rubio and Kelly Ayotte should be Primaried for their Support of the Senate's Immigration Bill

·  Senator Ted Cruz: Immigration bill not designed to fix problems

·  One of America's deadliest soldiers: Sergeant Dillard Johnson on his new memoir ‘Carnivore'

·  Paul Ryan: Obama 'More And More Incompetent By The Day'

·  NSA leak: Turning point in President Obama's administration?

·  Krauthammer: World Doesn't 'Care' What Pres Obama Says, 'Carries No Weight' (Bob Beckel Responds)

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·  WATCH: Three-Year-Old Boy Hears For First Time

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Elton_Guillory _LA_Senator

·  Free at Last': La. State Senator Explains Why He Recently Left the ‘Government Plantation' & Joined GOP

·  Come listen to Rush discuss why Black Senator Elbert Guillory switched parties and became a Republican...A ‘Historical Tear-Jerker'

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Where is Obama on Late-Term Abortion?

Today we have a big problem with the word "life" that, according to our founding Declaration, we all have a right to.

Gov. Rick Perry calls another Special Session for Pro-Life Bill Vote

Texas State Senator Davis and a pro ABORTION mob of protesters may have prevented a full vote on S.B. 5, but Governor Rick Perry is not deterred. He has called another special legislative session for to give lawmakers another shot at defending the unborn.

The Immigration Bill (Or Is It the Corker-Hoeven Amendment?): Everything That Is Wrong with Washington

I was just watching Senator Cruz's floor speech in opposition to the immigration bill and took note of a remarkable exchange between Senators Cruz and Schumer, the Democrat and mastermind of the legislation.

NYC Mayor Bloomberg: If sparklers are legal, the terrorists will win

Citing national security concerns and the war on terror, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg asked New York Gov. Michael Cuomo to ban the sale of children's fireworks.

Played Out: the Liberal Racists' ‘Uncle Tom' Card

This Ivy League-trained public official and attorney relied on smug bigotry to make his case against a Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas, who happens to be black.

Critical Tunnel Vision at The Washington Times

The Washington Times was unimpressed with Diana West's shocker, "American Betrayal," and treated FDR as a canonized saint. Why?

Banned Cleric's Outspoken Deputy Visits White House

Each statement has been unyielding in calling on Muslims to destroy Israel and in forbidding them from making peace with the Jewish state.

Here it is...The Smoking Gun and Agenda 21

Here is the direct link between Agenda 21 and local planners.

Dr. Matusitz Humiliates Islamic Intimidation Group CAIR

This past week CAIR and Emerge USA have been attacking UCF Professor Dr. Jonathan Matusitz.


Women's Rights in Saudi Arabia from 622 - 2013

Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah recently made history with a royal decree, declaring a new era in politics and in social culture.

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