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The British Government has Betrayed Its People


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The British Government has Betrayed Its People


Two champions for freedom: Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer

It is now official. Yesterday the UK government and the Home Office officially took one giant step closer to dhimmitude and shamed the UK’s glorious democratic tradition by banning Robert Spencer, from Jihad Watch, and Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs from entering the UK to pay their respects to the memory of Drummer Rigby in Woolwich, London, and to address a meeting there.

It is well known that the UK governments of all political stripes are intensely fearful of the EDL in the UK, doubtless because EDL’s reaction to successive governments’ appeasement of Islamism.  The EDL’s association with the planned meeting, therefore, may well have influenced the Home Office’s decision.  Be that as it may, we should not ignore the fact that UK Islamists and their useful idiots are manipulating and cheering on the government from the sidelines.  Among these is Hope not Hate, (someone on Twitter is trying to trend them as #hatenothope) the leftist organisation which says that it exists to counter “fascism” and yet carefully ignores the sort of fascism Islam promotes in Muslim countries and exports to the West.  Alongside them on the bandwagon is the egregious Anjem “Motor Mouth” Choudary, hate preacher, attention seeker and UK citizen, who in honour of Spencer’s and Geller’s visit formed “Islamic Emergency Defence” (note the acronym) – a  new Islamist organisation to vent his anger and rage and further inflate his already overblown ego.

What shouts out for recognition is the blatant double standard in play here.  For years successive UK governments have actively supported or turned a convenient blind eye to the entry into the country of various Islamist preachers of hate – notably Yusuf al-Qaradawi, infamous for his promotion of female genital mutilation as well as suicide terror against Israeli civilians – and most recently one from Saudi Arabia who advocates wife-beating, violent jihad in Syria, and (even more sickeningly) has actually said that daughters should not seek to seduce their fathers by wearing revealing clothes at home.

Because of these, a growing climate of resentment, bordering on anger, reigns in the UK.  More and more citizens are openly opposing their government’s over-readiness to appease exaggerated Muslim entitlement, and the outrage following the grooming of young white underage girls by Muslim males was made even worse by the media’s and governments’ failure to acknowledge openly that this is a problem within Muslim rather than “Asian” communities.

When Drummer Rigby was beheaded by Islamists in broad daylight outside Woolwich barracks, many in the UK thought that at last the government would act against the growing threat to them from Islamic supremacism.  Instead, two knowledgeable people from the US, who have never preached hatred in the way that Anjem Choudary has been allowed to do, were banned from entry.   It may be useful to reproduce here the Home Secretary’s main “reasoning”.  The following is taken from Jihad Watch and Spencer and Geller are banned under the

“Unacceptable Behaviour policy, which covers any means or medium, including:

  • Writing, producing, publishing or distributing material,
  • Public speaking, including preaching
  • Running a website… to express views that:
  •  foment or justify terrorist violence in furtherance of particular beliefs
  • seek to provoke others to terrorist acts,
  • foment other serious criminal activity or seek to provoke others to serious criminal acts,
  • foster hatred which might lead to inter-community violence in the UK”
We are then told that “the list is indicative and not exhaustive” (a prime example of the sort of Humpty Dumpty-land doublespeak which characterises authoritarianism) and that Spencer and Geller’s presence in the UK is “not conducive to the public good!”

We then leap from the sublime to the utterly ridiculous when we reach the rationale for the Home Secretary’s decision.  She accuses Spencer and Geller of making statements that may foster hatred which might lead to inter-community violence in the UK!

Have Spencer and Geller have promoted apparently unlimited immigration into the UK from Muslim countries?

Have they have “lost” hundreds (if not thousands – we cannot tell because the government does not know and if it did it would probably not inform us) of known and suspected jihadis who entered the UK illegally?

Have Spencer and Geller created no-go areas for non-Muslims in areas of the UK?

Have they been responsible for allowing an Islamist-linked mayor, whose practices are at least questionable, to remain in power in Tower Hamlets, London?

No. They have done none of these things, but they have highlighted all these and other problems and posited reasons as to why they occur.  Successive UK governments, having imposed them on their people, are too craven to confront them.

Let us be clear: Spencer and Geller may SAY many things of which the Home Secretary does not approve but nowhere do they BEHAVE violently or preach or encourage violence.  Articles on Jihad Watch and Atlas Shrugs cite sources which support what they argue.

On the other hand, the UK-born Muslim men who groomed and then sold underage white girls for sex BEHAVED abominably and ruined those girls’ lives.  It took the UK authorities years to arrest them and among the reasons for the delays, apart from the understandable fear and reticence of their victims to give evidence against them, was the authorities’ reluctance to being thought to be “racist!”  Many more cases are still under investigation and most of the UK media seem to find it difficult to describe the specific origins of these men, preferring rather to insult all Asians.

It seems to have escaped the Home Secretary that every single item in the list above can be applied to Anjem Choudary, to hate preaching imams in mosques in the UK, to home-grown Muslim fanatics playing to the gallery at Islamic conferences, and other Islamists they have allowed into the UK.  Choudary is allowed to tweet messages which invite people to Islam in order to save themselves from hell fire; he is allowed to preach that Muslims in the UK should claim social security as their jeziyah right.  He appears to be immune from prosecution.  Worse, throughout all this madness, mosques in the UK continue to radicalise young people, and Islamists are invited into UK universities to turn students’ heads towards violence.  More and more money from Saudi and other Islamist countries is poured into our universities, but UK governments do not inform UK citizens of the strings which are inevitably attached to it. In their readiness to bend themselves out of shape to accommodate Muslim demands and threats, UK governments have begun to curtail their people’s freedoms and to stifle their protests against this Islamic encroachment.

Rabbi Shalom Lewis, in his excellent Rosh Hashanna sermon in 2010, voiced what must be the feelings and reactions of many in the UK about this government’s wilful ignorance and dereliction of duty in the face of the threat from Islam:

“.. Let me mince no words in saying that from Fort Hood to Bali, from Times Square to London, from Madrid to Mumbai, from 9/11 to Gaza, the murderers, the barbarians are radical Islamists.
To camouflage their identity is sedition. To excuse their deeds is contemptible. To mask their intentions is unconscionable. ….

” Everything we are. Everything we believe. Everything we treasure is at risk.

The threat is so unbelievably clear and the enemy so unbelievably ruthless how anyone in their right mind doesn’t get it is baffling. Let’s try an analogy. If someone contracted a life-threatening infection and we not only scolded them for using antibiotics but insisted that the bacteria had a right to infect their body and that perhaps, if we gave the invading infection an arm and a few toes, the bacteria would be satisfied and stop spreading.

Anyone buy that medical advice? Well, folks, that’s our approach to the radical Islamist bacteria. It is amoral, has no conscience and will spread unless it is eradicated. – There is no negotiating. Appeasement is death. “

“Appeasement is death” and it seems that the animal who butchered Drummer Rigby was almost right when he said that the UK government cannot protect its people.  Worse, given the decision to ban Spencer and Geller, it seems not to want to do so.

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