Wednesday, June 26, 2013

British pol Tony Lloyd libels Spencer and Geller, incites hatred and violence

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Labour-MP-Tony-Lloyd-shares-a-happy-moment-with-Ismail-Haniyeh-of-Hamas-300x199.jpgTony Lloyd with his friend Ismail Haniyeh of Hamas

The jihad enablers are desperately afraid of Pamela Geller and me. They have all the money, all the power, and all the media, and yet their fear is palpable, because they know that we tell truths that their Big Lies cannot counter. And so the obsessive stalker Nathan Lean defames me everywhere he can, and tries to get me canceled even from speaking engagements on other topics (sign the petition to allow me to speak here). And now Tony Lloyd, the Police and Crime Commissioner of the English city of Manchester, has published a piece full of outright lies and distortions about Geller and me, hoping to get us banned from the UK. If we are banned, or if we get in and are physically attacked while there, it will be due in large part to the demonization and lies of Tony Lloyd.
"Tony Lloyd’s plea: Don’t let hate preachers into UK," from the Manchester Gazette, June 25 (thanks to Pamela Geller):
Greater Manchester’s Police and Crime Commissioner Tony Lloyd is backing calls to deny two preachers of hate entry to the UK.
Anjem Choudary, who preaches jihad and Sharia and gloats over the murders of non-Muslims, is a preacher of hate. Lloyd has nothing to say about him. Pamela Geller and I, who preach the freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, and equality of rights for all, are the "preachers of hate" for him.
The extreme right-wing group English Defence League (EDL) has invited two fascists to speak in Woolwich this weekend – at the site of the brutal murder of Drummer Lee Rigby.
Now it is "fascist" to defend freedom against Sharia.
The EDL has invited Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer from the USA to speak at the rally. Geller and Spencer’s revolting views are notorious in the USA, where they have been roundly condemned.
By jihad enablers, yes.
Tony said: “The two individuals that the EDL have invited from the US to our country are nothing short of hate preachers – every bit as bad as those who use the name of Islam to propagate hatred.
"Every bit as bad" as those who preach violence and glorify murder. This man is insane.
“I believe passionately in freedom of speech.
No you don't, you fascist.
Despite the fact the EDL stand for everything I am opposed to, I have defended their right to express themselves – and that’s despite the cost of policing their rallies. But this is a step too far.
“I hate the idea of turning these two people into martyrs by having them banned, but this is an extraordinary situation and I am asking the Home Secretary to use her extraordinary powers to deny these extremists entry into our country.
“Every citizen should be proud that this country is known around the world for its values of openness and respect. But we cannot take that for granted and those who spout hatred jeopardise the liberty we love in the UK.”
Geller and Spencer have a long track record of preaching hate. From denying the Bosnian genocide to believing that Barack Obama is a secret Muslim, they and the organisations they represent have sought to cast all Muslims as extremists who have a secret plot to take over Europe. They even said the children murdered by Anders Breivik in Norway were not innocent victims.
None of this is true. We have said none of these things. Lloyd is lying outright.
“Geller and Spencer are dangerous, they only want to come to stir up hatred and incite violence. Let’s make a stand together and say – you are not welcome in our proud land,” Tony added.
Tony has signed a Hope Not Hate open letter calling on the Home Secretary to deny Geller and Spencer a visa. The letter can be signed here.
It is Lloyd who is inciting hatred and violence. If anything happens to us in England, the blood will be on his hands.

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