Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Op-Ed: L'Attentat: Suicide Bombing as a Female Career Option

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Op-Ed: L'Attentat: Suicide Bombing as a Female Career Option

by Phyllis Chesler
Israel National News
June 26, 2013
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An Arab doctor and his suicide bomber wife are the focus of a complex film banned in Lebanon.
I have just seen Lebanese director Zind Doueiri's prize-winning film, "L'Attentat" (The Attack). The film focuses on Dr. Amin Jafaari, a rather soulful, assimilated Arab Israeli surgeon who lives and works in Tel Aviv. His colleagues are mainly Israeli Jews with whom he socializes; they are his social as well as professional intimates.
Early on, Dr. Jafaari accepts a prize for his work. He makes a graceful and grateful speech, but nevertheless, notes that he is the first Arab in 41 years to have received this prize. He softens this point, by saying that "every Jew is a little Arab, and every Arab is a little Jewish."
For the moment, the world is his—except his beloved wife, Siham, is not by his side. We do not learn until late in the film that they fought about this, that Siham refused to be there, that she cried out: "It's all for you, it's all about you."

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