Friday, June 28, 2013

The Stars And Stripes ban

from Atlas  

get's more outrageous by the hour it seems 

The Stars And Stripes ban

As most of you know, Robert Spencer and I were banned from the UK, our presence not being 'conducive to the public'. Free speech is essential to the public good.

Despite all the disinformation in the media, we were not marching or protesting. We were going to the UK to lay flowers at the site of the jihad beheading of drummer Lee Rigby. That is all. Here is our press release.announcing the event back on June 20.

The British authorities banned us from doing this. A man is beheaded in a public street outside of London, but we are the terror threat.

We had ordered the stars and stripes wreath, Anders Gravers was to lay the Danish flag wreath, Tommy Robinson and Stephen Lenoon, the English flag ..... you get the picture.

We won't be there. But Tommy picked up our flowers today (below) and will lay them for us in our absence.

Stars and stripes

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