Friday, June 28, 2013

06-28-13:Hobby Lobby Just Scored a Major Victory Against Obamacare

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·  Glenn Beck had high hopes for Marco Rubio, but it's time to get off the bandwagon. "You are becoming a PROGRESSIVE REPUBLICAN! "

·  Controversial Muslim scholar visits the White House - Rudy Giuliani reacts to Sheikh Abdullah Bin Bayyah's visit

·  RUSH: Ryan ‘Hell-Bent' On Persuading People That ‘Whatever Happens In The House, It's Not Amnesty'

·  MSNBC'S Michael Eric Dyson On Clarence Thomas: "A Symbolic Jew Has Invited A Metaphoric Hitler To Commit Holocaust" Upon His People

·  HILARIOUS! The Obama Supporter Beauty Pageant

·  Krauthammer On IRS Chief: 'If He Showed Up In The ER He'd Be Considered Either Psychotic Or Disturbed'

·  Mark Levin Details Mexican Immigration Law

·  Britain Embraces Jihad Terror and Bans Freedom Fighters Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer from entering the UK

·  Obama's Administration under fire - Radical Muslim Cleric honored with White House meeting

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·  Liberal Kirsten Powers and Conservative Monica Crowley Rip Obama for Butting into Texas Abortion Debate

·  Another IRS Official Pleads The Fifth During Hearing

·  Ted Cruz Tells Mark Levin That The Lib Media ‘Like Their Conservatives Docile And House Trained'

·  Excuses, excuses for culture of corruption at IRS (Michele Bachmann on Greta)

·  Money gone wild at another IRS conference: Lavish conference in Atlanta cost Taxpayers $2.4 million (Stealing from American People?)

·  How do Americans feel about Obama's $100M trip to Africa?

·  Senator Marco Rubio Defends Himself Against Tea Party Attacks on Senate Floor - Is this damage control and too late?

·  AFRICOM Commander during (Benghazi) Libya Attack Speaks Out

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·  Free at Last': La. State Senator Explains Why He Recently Left the ‘Government Plantation' & Joined GOP

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Hobby Lobby Just Scored a Major Victory Against Obamacare

In a health care decision giving hope to opponents of the federal birth-control coverage mandate, a federal appeals court ruled Thursday that Hobby Lobby stores won't have to start paying millions of dollars in fines next week for not complying with the requirement.

Who Watches the Watchers?

If reports on the new facility are accurate, the data center, which is heavily-fortified, will be able to collect all forms of electronic communication on a world-wide basis in real time.

Snowden Flap Bares Hapless U.S.: Power and Influence Slip as Prez Stumbles

You can't help but feel that the Russian Bear and Chinese Dragon are enjoying the chance to tweak ol' Uncle Sam's nose over the Edward Snowden affair.

The Supreme Court and Voter Registration Law

In 2004 voters in Arizona approved a state initiative that required proof of citizenship when residents sought to vote.

Senate Passes Massive Immigration Bill - See how your Senator Voted

In a 68-32 vote, the Senate voted Thursday afternoon to pass the "Gang of Eight" bill. The bill creates a pathway to citizenship for the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants currently living in the states.

Despite New Revelations, IRS Scandal is Still a Scandal

The IRS scandal is not going away, despite the media's best attempts to bury it.

America's 'Changes' Far Outpaced by GOP Establishment

On one issue after another, conservative America is being abandoned by the GOP.

Greedy Africans are Starving Our Cars

U.S. politicians and bureaucrats have less compassion and common sense than the average Londoner.

Egyptians Strive to End Morsi Era: Muslim Brotherhood Frantic to Save the Caliph

Egyptians are united once again by the single yearning to rid the country of its corrupting force, Mr. Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Boston Imam Shared Ties with Senior Al-Qaeda Operative

The Islamic organization that includes Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's mosque has ties to the al-Qaeda operative that reportedly inspired Tsarnaev to carry out the Boston Marathon terrorist attack.


Dr. Matusitz Humiliates Islamic Intimidation Group CAIR

This past week CAIR and Emerge USA have been attacking UCF Professor Dr. Jonathan Matusitz.

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