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WHO’S NEXT? Islamic Terrorist Organization Places Bounty on Counter-jihad Website Administrators

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gets worse by the day, fricking low motion train wreck nightmare!!!

WHO’S NEXT? Islamic Terrorist Organization Places Bounty on Counter-jihad Website Administrators


By Schuyler Montague (h/t Sharia Unveiled)

While researching our story yesterday on the recent removal of Counterjihad pages by Facebook, we uncovered some very disturbing information.  In an attempt to locate the source of the Islamic onslaught against the freedom of expression, we ventured down the rabbit hole of Islamic hate.  And what we discovered when we got there, tucked away in a dark corner, was a website operated by a terrorist organization called the Islamic Socialist Network.


This terrorist network has obviously initiated a coordinated plan of attack.  These first couple pictures are on their page dedicated to the website “Ban Islam.”


It didn’t take very long to figure out once we located the website under the name of the “Union Star Network” that we were dealing with something much bigger than a 20-year-old muslim boy in his mom’s basement.  And, if there were any doubts, they quickly faded when we saw photos of Facebook page administrators on “Wanted” posters, offering cash rewards of up to $1 Million for personal information such as residential addresses.


It appears that the Islamic Socialist Network has created a “Hit List” of  Counterjihad webpages to attack.  And, if this wasn’t bad enough, we discovered this hit list also extends to the administrators of these webpages, as well.  The first page on the Islamic Socialist Network’s website  is dedicated to eliminating the site belonging to “Ban Islam” and the second page is dedicated to eliminating the site “Your Daily Muslim (YDM)”  below:


                            TAKE ACTION NOW:

We are asking that “you” go to both pages below marked “Page 1″ and “Page 2″ .  Drag your cursor over their sites name in the top left corner of the page, on the black menu bar.  You will find a drop-down menu.  The last item in the menu is “Report this content.”  The closest relevant category they offer is “abusive.”  If enough of us do this perhaps the site will be removed.

Page 1:

Page 2:

We are currently in the process of obtaining further information about this website, their administrators and their location in order to report them to the proper authorities.  Any assistance that can be offered would be greatly appreciated.  Especially from individuals, organizations and agencies with experience in tracking individuals, tracing funds and determining website operators locations.  Once we obtain this information we will inform you and proceed to our next step.

Rewards Posted by:

Prof. Adel Sharif at the University of Surrey, Network of Iraqi Scientists

Leaders of the Islamic Socialist Network (I.S.N.)  Terrorist Organization:

1.  Malek Asad:

Current City: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Additional Information:

2.  Amir Hossein Raisolsadat:

Contact Information:

Phone:    +1 902.367.4757   -  Home

Address:    529G  University Road – Charlottetown, PE.

Neighborhood:  Killam


Additional Information:






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