Monday, March 20, 2017

Iraq: What Should America Do Next?

Iraq: What Should America Do Next?As Trump meets Iraqi President Abadi we ask you: What should America do in Iraq now?Join the Conversation
Is Erdogan Inciting a Holy War Against Christian Europe?Five ways the Turkish government is spoiling for a fight.Read
What Can the Christian Reformation Tell Us About Muslim Reform?Religious scholars should stop proclaiming that Islam need not be reformed and learn from the Christian Reformation.Read In-Depth
Hamas Using Surreptitious European Platforms for Funding, LegitimacyTheir goal is to make Hamas the sole voice of the Palestinian people; at the same time, they are creating a global infrastructure. Learn
Readers Write
“Ergodan will win because Europe is to dumb to preserve itself”
“Simple answer, NO, any reformers that exist are scuppered by the West's need to blame the West for Islam's idealogical faults, any reformers are called racist and xenophobic and say Islamophobia is a big problem (it isn't), so all the voices are crushed by a pathetic liberal Left (political and media) that are always saying sorry for something that has nothing to do with the West ...”
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