Monday, March 20, 2017

MONDAY Security Update: IRS Gives "After School Satan Club" Tax-Exempt Status in 10 Days

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Why should you be interested in the French presidential campaign? Because it might as well be going on next door to you.

Critics of the order have celebrated the panel decision, though many of us (including opponents of the immigration order) criticized the opinion as poorly written and supported.

Many experts, genuine or self-proclaimed, assert that the battle against radical Islam will be won, not so much by killing its adherents, but by discrediting the ideology. That sounds profound indeed, yet, what exactly does it mean?

President Trump met earlier this week with the Deputy Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohamed Bin Salman.

While the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) makes conservative groups wait years for tax-exempt status an "After School Satan Club" launched to hinder Christian-based counterparts got its nonprofit ranking in just ten days, records obtained by Judicial Watch show.

"We also recognize that immigration security is national security. We must protect our citizens from those who seek to spread terrorism..."

Antifa "soldiers" are impervious to the charge that their "anti-fascist" mantra allows them to behave like fascists, just as Hitler's brown shirts behaved.

Various acts of North Korean aggression during this twenty-year period were repeatedly met with South Korean/U.S. inaction. Thus, we have irresponsibly reared an unruly child whose bad behavior is constantly being rewarded. Tillerson is absolutely right about a new approach being needed.


Sharia law is what governs Islamic societies, in the public square and in the home.

A trusted Obama aide who once worked for an alleged Iranian regime lobbying group is one of the individuals in charge of Iran policy planning at the State Department under Secretary Rex Tillerson.

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Thursday's (March 16th)White House Daily Briefing: Press Secretary Sean Spicer


Confused by fake news? Get the real story here: Sean Spicer full press briefing.

(DIRECTOR MULVANEY: Thanks very much. Good afternoon, and happy day before St. Patrick's Day, also known as Budget Day. Most of you heard me talk about the budget before so I'm not going to say too many things in opening before we get to your questions. But we will remind you that this is what we're calling the America First Budget. We had an America First candidate; you now have an America First President. And it shouldn't surprise anybody that we have an America First Budget. It's in the details, as we talked about last week -- $54 billion of additional defense spending. We have some more details today on where that money is going. )


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