Friday, June 30, 2017

Muslim Travel Ban? Hardly

Muslim Travel Ban? HardlyIt’s not a ban, and it’s not on Muslims. It’s about region, not religion.Watch
Recipe for Disaster: Immigration Without AssimilationWill the multiculturalist doctrine eventually destroy the very fabric of Western democratic society?Read
Can France Be Saved?Policy recommendations to fight radical Islam in France.In-Depth
ISIS in the Crosshairs of Afghan Women'I make dinner for my grandchildren, then grab my weapon to fight ISIS.'Read
ISIS in Philippines Using Trapped Women as Sex SlavesThe insurgency in Marawi City has brought reports of horrific abuse.Read
Turkey Takes Over 50 Churches, MonasteriesFor years, minorities were not even allowed to acquire property in Turkey.Read more
Readers Write
“They just don't get it, do they? Aside from the fact that this is a deliberate misrepresentation, aside from the fact that they've done this to fit a narrative that they want to exist, (but doesn't) and aside from the hypocrisy of their actions - they must realise that this can be enough, for an "unhinged" individual, to make Sam a legitimate target for violence.”
“I sure wish I knew where the loud and outspoken "feminists" are???”
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