Saturday, June 24, 2017

While Trudeau Distracts, Our Country Is Sold-Off Behind The Scenes

While Trudeau Distracts, Our Country Is Sold-Off Behind The Scenes

Justin Trudeau’s recent “meeting” with a unicorn puppet was an embarrassing spectacle.

The fact that a Prime Minister and “Unicorn Puppet” are mentioned in the same sentence is bad enough.

You can only imagine China’s trade negotiators looking at those photos and saying, “This is going to be too easy.”

Yet, as much as Trudeau has weakened his image among common-sense people on the world stage, it’s important to realize that there is a devious strategy guiding Trudeau’s seemingly immature and naive actions.

While Trudeau is taking photos with puppets and generating massive attention, behind the scenes he and his government are selling our country out.

We are being sold off to China, we are being sold off to foreign millionaires & billionaires, and we are being sold-off to international banks.

Trudeau has waived security reviews and allowed sensitive Canadian companies – integral to our national security – get bought off by China. He’s pushing for a so-called “free trade” deal that will let China buy us out even more. He’s held secret meetings behind the scenes with wealthy foreign lobbyists, and then eased foreign takeover restriction rules. And his “Canada” Infrastructure Bank is a $35 billion slush fund that can be used by international financial institutions to put all the risk on Canadian taxpayers while the banks get all the profits. As if that weren’t enough, the Infrastructure Bank Board could even have foreign bankers in positions of influence.

All of this happens as Trudeau generates one spectacle after another, including his cringe-inducing unicorn hug. What makes the strategy so dangerous is that it’s tough for many people to simultaneously see someone hugging a unicorn puppet and think that person is betraying our country and our people to foreign interests.

By cultivating an air of innocence and naivety, Trudeau is able to get away with things that would have crushed other governments. The establishment media falls for it over and over again. While some establishment reporters certainly see past the ruse, the corporate elites want Trudeau to stay in power, so they help him distract from the bigger issues and force positive coverage.

Pushing back against the propaganda

The establishment media won’t change. So it’s up to us. Moment by moment, day by day, we can push back against the propaganda. Whenever you see somebody sharing something that uncritically pushes Trudeau’s narrative of distraction, share an article from this site or any site that details the truth of what Trudeau is really doing to our country.

By doing that, we can help the truth to spread among Canadians, and we can rob Trudeau’s distraction tactic of its power.

Spencer Fernando
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