Friday, August 11, 2017

If North Korea Has Mini Nukes, So Does Iran

Mauro on Fox: If North Korea Has Mini Nukes, So Does IranClarion brings the story that the media was missing.Watch
Tortured in Egypt for Converting to ChrisitanityMajed el Shafie tells of his miraculous survival.Watch
Linda Sarsour: Feminist, Islamist or Delusional?Muslim activist Shireen Qudosi talks tough on the podcast 'Polite Conversations.' Listen
Is Jihadism a Cult?What can counter-radicalization programs learn from cult deprogramming?Read
Strides Made Against FGM, But Just Tip of IcebergGet educated so we can eradicate this togetherWatch & Learn
What is Jihad?What, how and whyUnderstand
Readers Write
“Same party, shorter hat.”
“Funny the world watches as ISIS invades a country and their way of life, a decent country. And say, do nothing but clamor about Russia, six transgender people in the military???”
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