Saturday, December 15, 2012

BREAKING: Kindergarten Killer

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The staff at FSM sends prayers to all those families affected by the Connecticut school slaughter.
Scroll down for breaking news articles, videos and commentaries on steps parents need to know about regarding school safety.

BREAKING: Kindergarten Killer

27 dead, including 18 children in Conn. elementary school shooting

Do Not Rely on Schools to Protect Your Children: Do It Yourself

Rather than relying on government, you can make at least as vigorous an inquiry of your child's school as you would of your child's babysitter. FSM provides a list of questions that can guide your evaluation of a school.

The End of Innocence. When Are Kids Safe? Never.

In light of the latest school shooting, parents may be asking themselves: how do we guarantee our children's safety?

Helping Children Cope with National Tragedy

Are you wondering how best to speak with your child about certain current events? Here is valuable information about helping children cope with the Newton, Connecticut school tragedy.

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·  Columbine Victim's Mom Tells Megyn Kelly About ‘Trauma' & ‘Loss' Following Shooting: ‘Right Now, These Parents Can't Imagine Hope'

·  Girl Describes Terrifying Experience Inside CT School: ‘I Heard...7 Loud Booms...So We All Huddled'

·  Mother of student inside CT school during shooting speaks

·  BREAKING: Report: 26 people dead in Connecticut school shooting

·  BREAKING: 'Close to 20' dead in Connecticut school shooting, source says

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